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High-quality materials, professional workmanship, our special surface finish and durability characterise our handmade, certified originals. Our vision is to set a consistent light on the world market through new developments, innovative design, Austrian craftsmanship and durability of our luminaires. Elegance and quality are the standards to which we orient ourselves.

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Dignified elegance: "Design by ORION: RING" is the right choice for anyone who wants to add the finishing touches to a magnificent room.


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DESIGN by ORION - Made in Austria

Orion is a family-owned, value-oriented company with a history by now reaching back seventy-five years with special expertise in the development and manufacturing of luminaires.
Located at the heart of Europe, most of our Vienna light manufactory’s exclusive design collections are created from the first sketch over functional prototypes to the handmade final product.
We combine state-of-the-art technical know-how with knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and design quality inspiration for past eras and styles.

This is how Orion's luminaire series are created, sustainably produced using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies that have gained international recognition.

Sustainability determines our actions from choice of materials and surfaces over manufacturing process to each individual luminaire’s energy efficiency.

The end result of this process is the creation of a designer product with a long service life.

Each luminaire is handmade with care, strictly tested and certified. Just as our luminaire collections are characterised by longevity, we take care to shape our customer relationships based on the same principles.

In the spirit of sustainability, we offer a high level of spare parts security and assist in replacing technical components and accessories if necessary. Because we see ourselves as a reliable and competent partner in all lighting matters, including those of tomorrow.