Other electrical material


Junction box, Ø 70 mm, white
Cap with bayonet cover, white
Distributor set, PVC, Ø 70 mm, black
Junction box set, 3 pieces, PVC, Ø 70 mm, white
Junction box, PVC, Ø 70 mm, white
Connection cable E27, switch, 4 m, black
USB power adapter WAIBERLON PS HBL-USB052A-W1
Telescopic pendant lamp strain-relief, Gold
Telescopic pendant lamp strain-relief, black
Junction box, wood, Ø 85 mm, raw oak
Junction box, PVC, Ø 70 mm, silver lacquered
Junction box, PVC, Ø 70 mm, gold lacquered
Connection clamps Wago 221-2411, 1-pole
Junction box, wood/oak white, 85mm
Connection clamps Wago 221-413, 3-pole
Grommet, Transparent, 10mm
Telescopic pendant lamp strain-relief, transparent
Telescopic pendant lamp strain-relief, white
Connection clamps Wago 221-412, 2-pole
Grommet, Black, 8mm
Junction box with tube OJ-3218, 2-pin
Terminal connector, 3-piece, white
Porcelain clamp AK 2/06, 2-pole, white
Insulating tape, PVC, self-adhesive, 10 metres