Protecting our

Information on taking back old appliances and batteries.

Acting today for the world of tomorrow

ORION Light Manufactory stands for

  • resources-friendly and energy-efficient production
  • long-lasting and sustainable product range
  • environmentally sound disposal and recycling of electric waste, lamps & used batteries
  • compliance with EU directives & regulations for environmental protection 

Tips & information regarding disposal

Environmental protection is important to us. We cooperate with certified environmental management systems and align our services ecologically. 

Disposal of old appliances as well as used batteries & accumulators free of charge at public collection points in Austria & Germany

ORION Light Manufactory is partner in Interseroh Austria (ISA No. 151900), an ISO-certified recycling and environmental service provider, and has paid upfront for collection and recycling of its e-waste. ORION therefore urges customers to take old electrical equipment, gas discharge lamps, used batteries & accumulators to public e-waste collection points where they will be accepted free of charge. For more information on such collection points, please contact your local municipality or waste management association. A list of e-waste collection points in Austria with opening hours can be found at   ELEKTRO-ADE and the Umweltbundeamt.

In addition, ORION Light Manufactory participates in WEEE-Service (WEEE Reg. No. DE 61374190), a compliance solution for recycling and reduction of e-waste in Germany. E-waste can be handed in free of charge at municipal collection points. An online directory of collection and return points can be found here:  EAR-Verzeichnis.

Free return to ORION Light Manufactory

In addition to the options returning old electrical appliances and broken lamps to public collection points, ORION Light Manufactory takes back old function identical electric equipment or defective lamps, used batteries and accumulators free of charge on purchasing a new electrical product in one of our showrooms.


Old electrical appliances as well as fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps (gas discharge lamps) and batteries and accumulators must not be disposed of in household waste, but must be collected and disposed of separately. Such electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators are labeled with the sign of the "crossed-out dustbin".