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Whether crystal chandeliers for the living area, wall lights for the bathroom or ceiling lights for the kitchen and hallway - at ORION you will find the right lights for your personal surroundings.


Interior lights for your home

The exclusive DESIGN by ORION product line includes luminaire designs made in Austria by the Viennese luminaire manufacturer. Precious materials such as refined brass and intricately worked crystals form the basis of the luxurious product line, in which you will find both classic still lights and innovative LED designs.

ORION offers a luminaire range of more than 3,000 products in different styles, application areas and qualities. In the ORION online store, you will find a large selection of luminaire series that include pendant luminaires, ceiling luminaires, floor luminaires, table luminaires and wall luminaires and enable the furnishing of interiors of all kinds.

ORION Lightstyle is the modern line by ORION that includes technical luminaires such as recessed spotlights, spotlights and outdoor luminaires as well as decorative indoor luminaires. The line presents itself stylistically diverse and picks up numerous home trends such as vintage, industrial or minimalism.

Interior lights that suit you perfectly: Choose from various categories at ORION

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights provide efficient and even lighting. The spectrum ranges from flat, unobtrusive models that blend seamlessly into the ceiling to more eye-catching designs as central design elements.

Pendant lights & hanging lamps

Pendant lights and hanging lamps provide focussed lighting. This makes them ideal above tables, work surfaces or as a central design element. We offer simple, modern versions as well as elaborate, artistic pieces.

Chandeliers & chandeliers

With their opulent appearance, they are often richly decorated and equipped with multiple light sources. Chandeliers create a festive ambience, especially in high rooms or as a central eye-catcher in the living room.

Crystal lights

These lights shine with inlaid crystals that refract the light and create sparkling lighting effects. They are particularly suitable for areas where a touch of luxury is desired.

Wall lights

Wall lights are versatile. With their different shapes and colours, they not only illuminate the room, but also act as an aesthetic wall element.

Mirror & picture lights

These lamps were developed to illuminate works of art or mirrors brightly and without shadows. Often with a slimline design, they can be positioned above or to the side of the object to direct the focus onto it without dazzling the viewer.

Bathroom luminaires

Bathroom luminaires have been specially developed for humid environments and offer a combination of functionality and style. They ensure optimum lighting for safety and comfort in the bathroom area.

Floor lamps

Free-standing floor lamps can be used as a light source for reading corners or as additional room lighting in general. Some models have adjustable arms or shades to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

Table lamps

Table lamps are the small counterpart to floor lamps. An important aspect of table lamps is their versatility. They can be used as a reading lamp at the desk, as a bedside lamp or as an accessory in the living room.

Banker's lamp

The classic among desk lamps. With its green glass shade and brass-coloured base, the Bankerslamp stands for timeless elegance and provides targeted, eye-friendly light - perfect for reading and working.

Spotlights & spots

Spotlights and spotlights are among the most adaptable systems on the market. They are particularly popular in modern interiors as interior lighting and allow the light to be directed flexibly. The small but powerful light sources are therefore ideal for visually emphasising certain areas or objects.

Large luminaires

Impressive lighting solutions that often provide a magnificent glow in public buildings such as ballrooms, salons, music theatres, concert halls, opera houses or libraries.

Designer lamps

Designer lamps are unique in form and function. Genuine works of art that transform your home into an elegant ambience.

Black lights

Black lights impress with their modern and elegant look, which blends seamlessly into various interior styles and creates a striking contrast.

Modern lights

Modern lights are characterised by innovative design and advanced technology. They are ideal for contemporary interiors and contribute to a stylish and functional ambience.

How do I light a room optimally?

Determine the purpose: Think about what purpose the room should fulfil. Does it need bright, focussed light or a combination of atmospheric and functional light?

Check whether multiple light sources are required: This is primarily the case in large or unusually shaped rooms to illuminate dark corners.

Choose the right light colour: warm white light for a cosy atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms, neutral white or daylight white light for kitchens and work areas. Use dimmers to adjust the light intensity.

Integrate natural light: If possible, place lamps so that they complement natural light and do not compete with windows. This point is particularly important, but is often neglected. Coordinating artificial and natural light contributes to the aesthetics of the room.

How do I combine different light sources? 

By combining the 3 types of lighting, it is possible to create a balanced and dynamic lighting atmosphere in the home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Basic illumination (general lighting) acts as the main light source in the room. It provides uniform illumination without creating strong shadows. Examples of basic illumination are ceiling lights or large floor lamps. This level of lighting is particularly important when good visibility is required, e.g. in kitchens or work areas.
  • Indirect lighting creates a soft, diffuse light that is pleasant to the eye and contributes to relaxation. It is created when light hits walls, ceilings or other surfaces and is reflected from there into the room. Examples of indirect lighting include floor lamps with light directed upwards, wall lights that shine upwards and downwards or LED strips behind furniture.
  • Accent lighting emphasises certain areas, objects or architectural details. It draws attention to works of art, plants, bookshelves or other special features. Typical accent lights are directional spotlights, track lights or special picture and object lights. Accent lighting can also be used to create interesting textural contrasts on walls or ceilings.
Choosing the right interior lighting is a conscious decision that should be tailored to your personal wishes and needs. To help you make an informed decision, we offer free advice by phone or e-mail.

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Frequently asked questions about interior lighting

What is the ideal lamp for the living room?

We want to feel comfortable in the living room. That's why a combination of ambient and accent lighting is ideal. A ceiling lamp or a large floor lamp serves as the main light source, while a table lamp or reading lamp emphasises certain areas. The ideal lamp for the living room also adapts to your furnishing style.

Which lamps produce beautiful light?

As a general rule, warm white light with a colour temperature of around 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin is similar to conventional incandescent light and is perceived as particularly pleasant. Dimmable lamps, which are becoming increasingly popular on the market, can be used to create different moods. Lights shining on ceilings or walls create a soft light without shadows. Shades made of fabric, paper and other light-filtering materials create interesting light patterns and also contribute to cosiness.

Which lighting is suitable for the dining table?

Choose a pendant light or a chandelier that hangs directly above the table. This way, the area is optimally illuminated without anyone being dazzled by the light.

How can lamps be used to make a room appear larger?

LED ceiling floodlights and LED wall lights are particularly effective for visually enlarging rooms. Ceiling floodlights create a sense of height indoors, while wall lamps make the room appear wider. Bright colour temperatures enhance this effect. Transparent or semi-transparent lampshades help to diffuse light softly. Slim, tall floor lamps direct the eye upwards and thus increase the perceived ceiling height.


LED wall light VISAGIST, antique brass
Suspension lamp SNOWWHITE, 5-lamps, black brass
Spotlight SCHOOL, white, 3-lamps
Floor lamp BACHELOR, Black