Ceiling lights

Light for your home

Make your home shine with ceiling lights. Find out here what solutions we offer and what to consider when choosing the right ceiling light.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Ceiling lights are available in a wide range of colours such as white, gold, silver and many more.
  • Ceiling lights come in many shapes and variations - be it round, square or rectangular, as spotlights or track systems.
  • LED ceiling lights are bright, economical, low-maintenance and do not heat up.
  • Flat ceiling lights can be used to impeccably illuminate rooms with low ceilings.
  • Ceiling lights fit into almost any type of room - whether kitchen, dining room, living room, children's room, study or corridor.
  • Ceiling lights with high protection class against water are suitable for bathrooms.
  • They can be used for basic illumination, zone or accent lighting.
  • Some ceiling lights can also be mounted on walls.

You already have know which purpose the ceiling light must fulfill? Then the next step is to find the perfect model.

First, decide whether you want to illuminate an entire room or light certain room areas or specifically highlight a specific element of your interior.

Based on that decision, we have the optimal ceiling light for a wide range of installation options and lighting effects as well as valuable tips for making the right choice.

Which room lighting can be achieved with ceiling lights?

Ceiling lights for basic illumination

  • Centrally mounted ceiling lights are ideal for general room lighting. They supply overall luminosity and uniform light distribution.
  • In larger rooms, installation of several ceiling lights is advisable, even in different sizes. An attractive option is to combine several lights from one series to create a matching ensemble while supplying sufficient brightness.

Ceiling lights for zone and accent lighting

  • LED strips are the ideal solution for zone lighting. Mounted on the ceiling, they can be used to bathe entire walls in light. Stone and brick walls with their special surface texture benefit from this type of staging. They can also be mounted under cupboards to illuminate work surfaces in the kitchen.
  • If you wish to highlight certain objects, designer furniture or art work, ceiling spots and spotlights are the ideal choice. They illuminate only the desired object, letting the rest of the room recede visually. Swivelling and rotating ceiling spots allow for precisely targeted light, creating attractive accents. 

Spots and spotlights with a small beam angle of 15-30° are ideal for spot lighting and for creating individual lighting accents. Their light circle is smaller but the light beam is more concentrated, making the object stand out clearly.

The most popular types of ceiling luminaires

Flat ceiling lights

Ceiling lights with a height of just a few centimetres are ideal for use in modern buildings and in rooms with low ceilings. Flat ceiling lamps come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and with different lighting effects. Whether modern, minimalist, direct or indirect lighting, the ORION ceiling light range offers a wide variety of solutions.

Ceiling lights with fabric shades

Ceiling lights with a height of just a few centimetres are ideal for use in modern buildings and in rooms with **low ceilings**. Flat ceiling lamps come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and with different lighting effects. Whether modern, minimalist, direct or indirect lighting, the ORION ceiling light range offers a wide variety of solutions.

LED ceiling lights

LED ceiling lights are particularly popular because of the uniform lighting created by LED boards. Their other outstanding features are just as impressive:

  • Up to 90 % less power consumption than incandescent bulbs.
  • Maintenance-free operation thanks to integrated LEDs
  • Innovative designs
  • Low heat generation
  • Long service life compared to conventional light sources

This has turned them into one of the most popular luminaire types for basic interior illumination. They are available as flat LED ceiling panels, LED ceiling spots and spotlights as well as in dimmable versions. 

To guarantee sustainability, many LED ceiling lights produced by ORION contain replaceable LED boards. You will find this reference in the detailed product description.

Classic ceiling lights

Ceiling lights in classic design harmonise with a wide variety of interior styles. High-quality materials and excellent workmanship upgrade these lights to a design companion for your furnishings, perfectly matched in a variety of finishes such as satinated, silver, gold or patina. Equipped with LED illuminants, they combine classic design with energy-efficient operation.

Ceiling lights for bathrooms

Ceiling lights protected against water and foreign body ingress for safety reasons are suitable for bathrooms and other wet rooms. The lights can be identified by their relevant protection class (IP). The code is indicated by two digits - the higher the number, the better the protection. Depending on the place of installation, different specifications apply: 

  • For bathtubs or shower, protection class IP67 applies.
  • For areas around shower and bathtub, protection class is IP65
  • Up to 60 cm around bathtub or shower protection class IP44 applies

Crystal ceiling lights

Ceiling lights with crystals give your home a glamorous and elegant flair. There are no limits to the variety of shapes and colours as they unfold a beguiling light plays to become the highlight of any interior design concept.

Crystal ceiling lights lend rooms festive elegance and prestigious glamour that you can enjoy both at a family festivities or simply at the end of a long workday with dimmed light.

Ceiling spots and spotlights

Recessed and surface-mounted spotlights are ideal for decentralised lighting concepts without a central ceiling outlet. Swivelling spotlights and spots can illuminate objects with pinpoint accuracy, making them ideal for accent or also task lighting in the kitchen.

Do you prefer the soft and diffuse luminosity of indirect lighting? Swivelling spotlights and spots with wide beam angles between 60-120° can be aimed at walls to reflect light from ceiling and walls thus illuminating a much larger area with indirect light.

What else needs to be considered?

Dimmability in Smart Homes

ORION offers various dimming modules based on Zigbee radio standard allowing for Smart Homes to communicate. Equipped with these modules, the ceiling light's luminosity can then be controlled via wall sitches, remote control, mobile phone or smart speaker such as Alexa, depending on your equipment. 

Many ORION ceiling lights have an E27 or E14 socket suitable for upgrading with a dimming module. If you are interested, our customer service will be happy to advise you.

The compatibility of dimming modules and existing systems is a complex issue, as there are many different standards.

Permanently in buildings installed bus systems are only compatible with Orion dimming modules (ZigBee modules) to a limited extent. If you have such a bus system, a specialized electrician must install corresponding modules.

Before you consider upgrading your desired luminaire with a Zigbee dimming module from ORION, clarify which standard is in use in your home and then ask our competent customer service staff for advice.


All ORION lights come with practical, hands-on assembly instructions, include a technical drawing and precise instructions for mounting. Impact or cordless power drills are a must, depending on ceiling construction and material. If you have special requirements we recommend consulting a qualified electrician.