design by orion


A dining room classic: „Design by ORION: KRISTALLDESIGN“ whether in round or oval - a popular chandelier above dining tables or seating arrangements.

from the series

Chandelier KRISTALLDESIGN, 36-flames, gold with champagne-coloured fabric shades
Pendant lamp KRISTALLDESIGN, 9-flames, Patina
Table lamp KRISTALLDESIGN, 2-lamps, chrome
Pendant lamp KRISTALLDESIGN, 7-flames, Patina
Ceiling light KRISTALLDESIGN in oval shape, 110x25cm, 24K gold plated
Wall light KRISTALLDESIGN, 24K gold plated
Kristalldesign crystal chandelier, 12 lamps, chrome plated with white shades
Pendant lamp KRISTALLDESIGN, 10-flames, Patina
Floor lamp KRISTALLDESIGN, patina
Chandelier KRISTALLDESIGN, 18-flames, gold with champagne-coloured shade
Pendant lamp KRISTALLDESIGN, 5-flames, Patina
Kristalldesign crystal wall light, 2 lamps, chrome plated + white shades
Wall light KRISTALLDESIGN, 1-lamp, gold with champagne-coloured shade
Chandelier KRISTALLDESIGN, 5-flames, gold with champagne.coloured shade
Pendant light KRISTALLDESIGN in round shape, 50cm, 24K gold plated
Pendant light KRISTALLDESIGN in oval shape, 90x25cm, 24K gold plated
Chandelier KRISTALLDESIGN, 9-flames, gold with champagne-coloured shade
Table lamp KRISTALLDESIGN, 2-flames, Patina
Pendant light KRISTALLDESIGN in oval shape, 110x25cm, chrome plated
Wall light KRISTALLDESIGN, 2-flames, patina, 27 cm
Ceiling chandelier KRISTALLDESIGN in oval shape, 60x25cm, 24K gold plated