• Quality
  • Made in Austria
  • Sustainability
  • Replacement part security
  • Family business
  • Individual design


Spotlight SEAN, 4 lamps, black
LED ceiling light BERLIN, 3 lights, black-gold
LED pendant lamp BERLIN, 3 lights, black-gold
Chandelier JOSEPHINE, Ø 73,5cm, Black
LED Pendant lamp MANSION, dimmable, black
Pendant light GIDEON with Up- & Downlight, dimmable, black
LED pendant lamp SPHERE, gold matt, with 3 light rings
LED ceiling light OLGA, black and white
Ceiling light SNOWWHITE, 6-lamps, satin

Orion: Josephine

Discover the elegant and sophisticated Design by ORION Josephine range, inspired by charming elements from the 60s, which will add a vintage touch to your home.  


Chandelier JOSEPHINE, 10-lamps, Ø 73,5cm, Black
Chandelier JOSEPHINE, Ø 73,5cm, Black
Ceiling light JOSEPHINE, Ø 18cm, black
Ceiling chandelier JOSEPHINE, Ø73,5cm, Black
Pendant lamp JOSEPHINE, Ø 18cm, black
Wall light JOSEPHINE, Ø 18cm, black


From the atmosphere to the overall impression - the size of your lamps and lights plays a decisive role.

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of crystal lamps, where elegance, splendour and timeless beauty make these radiant works of art more than just sources of light.

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New hits

LED wall light FERDINAND, black
LED wall light FERDINAND, white
Spotlight SEAN, 6-lamps, black
Spotlight SEAN, 6-lamps, white
Floor lamp PHILIPP, chrome-black
Pendant lamp JUNGLE, natural
Hanging lamp BASKET, nature
LED Battery light NORMAN, black
LED Battery light NORMAN, silver