Path lights & Bollard lights

Safe light conduct to the front door

Well-lit garden paths provide orientation and are essential for moving around safely in the dark.


Exterior lights for inviting lighting accents and safe orientation

Our exterior lights are more than just light sources - they are the artists that give your garden a very personal touch. Think of a charming terrace, where warm rays of light illuminate the evenings and create a cosy atmosphere. Our lights are like magical companions that not only ensure safety, but also transform the outdoor area into an oasis of relaxation.

A balmy summer evening, the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind and the pleasant warmth of outdoor lighting that bathes your home in inviting accents of light. Imagine your garden glowing with a warm glow as night falls. Inviting light accents emphasise the beauty of plants and architectural elements while safely illuminating pathways and entrances. The interplay of light and shadow gives your outdoor area a magical atmosphere that invites you to linger. Well-lit pathways also provide orientation and are essential for getting safely through the night.

Be inspired by our selection of exterior lights with and without motion detectors and find the perfect companions for your outdoor home. Whether atmospheric path lighting, stylish garden lanterns or modern spotlights - we offer you a variety of designs that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Immerse yourself in the world of outdoor lighting and turn your garden into a place where safe and cosy living go hand in hand. Your personal outdoor oasis is waiting to be bathed in warm light - discover the possibilities now!

Bollard lights - stylish lighting for your outdoor area

The importance of bollard lights lies not only in their functional role, these lights transform your outdoor area into a warm, inviting environment with their subtle radiance and stylish design. A well-lit path with bollard lights not only creates an increased sense of security, but also a harmonious overall look that beautifies your outdoor area at any time of year or day.

What are bollard lights?

Bollard lights are special exterior lights that are often placed along paths, driveways or garden paths. They are usually mounted on a pole-like structure that is firmly anchored in the ground and emit their light downwards from a certain height. The main purpose of these lights is to safely illuminate pathways while aesthetically enhancing your outdoor space.

Special features of bollard luminaires:

  • Safety and orientation: bollard lights mark paths, driveways or garden paths and enable safe movement even in the dark.
  • Ambience and aesthetics: Path lights and bollard lights make a significant contribution to creating a pleasant atmosphere in outdoor areas. Their soft light creates a warm and inviting environment that sets the scene and emphasises the outdoor space.
  • Varied design: Bollard luminaires are available in a variety of designs, materials and heights. This allows them to blend harmoniously into different outdoor areas and set individual accents.

Compared to other types of lighting such as wall lights or ceiling lights, bollard lights are characterised by their specific application. While wall lights tend to illuminate specific areas vertically and ceiling lights illuminate a general space, bollard lights focus on horizontal surfaces.

Different types of bollard lights:

  • LED bollard lights: Energy-saving and long-lasting, LED bollard lights offer an efficient outdoor lighting option. They come in different brightness levels and colour temperatures.
  • Solar bollard lights: Eco-friendly and cost-effective, solar bollard lights use solar energy to recharge during the day and light up when night falls. They are particularly practical in areas without electricity.
  • Decorative bollard lights: With ornate designs and high-quality materials, these bollard lights not only provide illumination, but also serve as decorative elements in the garden, driveway or patio.

The variety of bollard lights allows for individual needs and aesthetic preferences while blending function and style.

Aesthetic light for greater safety

The main purpose of a bollard lamp is to illuminate paths, driveways and garden areas on your property so that you and your guests can move around safely even in the dark. The beams of light directed downwards from these lights mark the way and create a well-lit environment that avoids tripping hazards and minimises the risk of accidents.
They serve as visual anchor points that provide transparent guidance and illuminate potential danger areas. Whether along paths, near steps and stairs or around driveways, path luminaires and bollard luminaires help to eliminate uncertainty and ensure a safe path through the outdoor area.
In addition, bollard luminaires create an inviting atmosphere. Their soft light not only gives the outdoor area a warm glow, but also emphasises the beauty of the surrounding landscape. These lights therefore fulfil a dual function: they protect against potential dangers and at the same time help to create a pleasant environment in which people feel safe and secure even after dark.

From private gardens to public spaces: the areas of application for bollard luminaires

From private gardens to busy public squares, the diverse range of applications for bollard luminaires has proven to be versatile light sources with numerous areas of application.

Private gardens and courtyards

Bollard luminaires not only set decorative accents, but are also extremely functional in private gardens and courtyards. They create an inviting atmosphere and mark out specific areas. In this way, they enable residents to use their outdoor space safely while emphasising the aesthetic design.

Driveways and walkways

Along driveways and walkways, bollard luminaires play a crucial role as path lights in ensuring safety and orientation. They mark the path, make unevenness visible and create a well-lit passage for pedestrians and vehicles.

Patios and verandas

On patios and verandas, bollard lamps provide atmospheric lighting that brightens up the ambience, especially in the evening hours. They create a cosy environment and make it possible to enjoy these outdoor areas even after sunset.

Parks and green spaces

Bollard luminaires are indispensable in public parks and green spaces. They not only illuminate footpaths, but also emphasise the beauty of the landscape. These lights help to make public spaces safer and create a pleasant atmosphere for walkers and those seeking relaxation.

Squares and urban areas

In urban environments, bollard lights are used in squares and urban areas. They not only serve as orientation points for pedestrians, but also contribute to architectural aesthetics. They can create a harmonious connection between modern urban design and functional lighting.

Embedding and demarcation

Bollard luminaires are ideal for edging and demarcating certain areas. Whether along flower beds or as a boundary for outdoor areas, they set transparent visual boundaries and lend structure to the space.

The areas of application for bollard luminaires are extremely diverse and range from purely functional aspects to the creative design of outdoor areas. Regardless of the surroundings, they help to combine light and aesthetics with the safety aspect to ensure optimum utilisation of the outdoor space.

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Frequently asked questions and answers about bollard lights

Here you will find answers to the most important questions about bollard lights.

How do I care for my bollard lights and protect them from the weather?

Caring for your bollard lights and protecting them from the weather is crucial to ensure their longevity. Here are some tips:

  • Regular cleaning: Remove dirt, dust and deposits from the bollard lights. Use mild cleaning agents and a soft cloth to avoid scratches.
  • Corrosion protection: Regularly check the surface for signs of corrosion. If necessary, you can use rust-proof protective agents or paints to protect the metal surface.
  • Check the seals: Ensure that the seals are intact to prevent moisture ingress. Replace defective seals to protect the electronics inside.
  • Check the wiring: Check the wiring for damage and ensure that all connections are tight and insulated. Repair or replace damaged cables immediately.
  • Regular inspection: Carry out regular inspections to detect any problems at an early stage. This can help to avoid expensive repairs.
  • Seasonal maintenance: Adjust your maintenance depending on the time of year. In winter, you should take particular care to ensure that snow and ice do not damage the lights.
  • Protection from severe weather conditions: In areas with extreme weather conditions, you can take additional protective measures, such as using weather protection housings.
By following these care instructions, you can extend the service life of your bollard lights and ensure that they function effectively and safely.

Can bollard lights be fitted with motion detectors?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to fit bollard lights with motion detectors. The integration of motion detectors offers several advantages, including:

  • Energy savings: By using motion detectors, the bollard lights only switch on when movement is detected. This leads to more efficient use of energy and reduces electricity consumption.
  • Safety: Motion detectors increase safety by automatically activating the lighting when someone approaches. This can help prevent accidents and improve the feeling of safety.
  • Convenience: Automatic activation of the lights when approached provides added convenience, especially in areas where manual operation might be impractical.
  • Longer service life of the lights: As the lights are only activated when they are needed, the operating time is reduced, which can lead to a longer lifespan for the lights.
Before you install motion detectors, however, you should consider a few factors, such as the placement of the motion detectors, their sensitivity and the range. This ensures effective operation and prevents unnecessary switching on and off of the lighting due to false detections. Professional installation and advice can be helpful here.

Are special light sources required for bollard luminaires?

Special light sources are generally used for bollard luminaires that are suitable for outdoor use and the specific requirements of footpaths, gardens or driveways. Here are some common types for bollard lights:

  • LED light sources: LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are very popular for bollard lights. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, provide good light quality and are available in various colour temperatures.
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL): These are an efficient alternative to conventional incandescent lamps that can be used in some bollard luminaires. They have a longer service life and lower energy consumption.
  • Halogen lamps: Halogen lamps are another option that can be used in some bollard luminaires. They provide bright light, but are less energy efficient compared to LEDs and CFLs.
  • Solar panels: Some modern bollard lights are powered by integrated solar cells. These absorb sunlight and convert it into energy to illuminate the lights when needed. Solar modules are often used in conjunction with LED technology.

Check the manufacturer's specifications and the types of bulbs recommended for the model in question before making a replacement. This ensures efficient and safe operation of the lights. Please also note that many modern bollard luminaires use energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology.