Accessories & Individual parts

Accessories & Spare Parts

If your light happens to be damaged or is missing a part, this does not immediately mean it has to be replaced. With ORION Parts you can select almost any spare part to enjoy your lights for a long time in the spirit of sustainability.

What you need to know

The name ORION Leuchten stands for high-quality materials, modern technologies and sustainable production.

Our goal is to use fewer resources and to manufacture durable products that meet the demands of tomorrow's world.

In our product design, we strive for the lowest possible consumption of resources over the entire product life cycle.

We use high-quality raw materials that contribute to the stability and durability of our products and keep manufacturing waste to a minimum.

Our resource-saving production approach also includes the manufacture of individual and spare parts, the so-called ORION parts, which enable us to additionally increase the service life of our products.

The high level of spare parts reliability is an important contribution by ORION to the careful, responsible and sustainable use of resources and the environment.

We are happy to support you in replacing technical components and luminaire accessories of your ORION luminaire. Because we see ourselves as a reliable and competent partner in all lighting matters, including those of tomorrow.