Crystal chandeliers

Crystal lights for your home

Whether Flemish, baroque, classicist or modern, at ORION you will find authentic reproductions of historical chandeliers from a wide variety of eras and styles as well as innovative new creations.


ORION is passionately and skillfully dedicated to the manufacturing of crystal lamps based on historical models and the development of innovative crystal designs. The elaborate pieces are handcrafted in the Viennese manufactory and the many individual parts are assembled into magnificent chandeliers and decorative ceiling and pendant lights.

The fascination for crystal chandeliers has been unbroken since their creation. For centuries, their lovers have delighted by the wonderfully sparkling lights, which draw everyone's attention with their splendour and the lively interplay of reflections and refractions of light, creating a noble ambience.

An attention to detail makes all the difference. The intensive study of courtly art and splendour forms the basis for the classic creations from the house of ORION. Precious materials and finishes such as brass, 24-carat gold and chrome bear witness to the high quality of the products.