Floor lamps

The epitome of homeliness

Who doesn't have a cosy living room with sofa and cushions, blankets and a wonderfully decorative floor lamp near the sofa? Regardless of the style, the floor lamp is always an eye-catcher.


No other room makes us feel as at home as our own living room. Who doesn't have this image in mind: an inviting sofa, soft cushions and cosy blankets. Right next to the sofa, in the corner, is a decorative floor lamp that creates a cosy atmosphere with its soft light and rounds off the ambience perfectly. Let yourself be inspired and choose the right floor lamp for your home.

Discover the variety of our floor lamps

A real highlight for your home: ORION floor lamps are your creative solution for sophisticated interior design.

A living room without a floor lamp is like a sky without stars - it lacks the luminous element that creates atmosphere and character.

Floor lamps are a versatile lighting element that functions as discreet background lighting as well as a striking design element. This is because they not only provide an additional light source, but also make a significant contribution to the mood and overall aesthetic appearance of a room.

From minimalist to ornate, our floor lamps offer a wide range of styles and functions that can be effortlessly integrated into any environment. The flexible light sources fit effortlessly into different room concepts and always make a statement for modern design and individual taste.

More than just a light source: why you should opt for floor lamps from ORION

When you choose a floor lamp from ORION, you're not just getting a light source. You are choosing a light that suits you and makes your home more cosy. Our floor lamps not only stand for aesthetic sophistication, but also for durability and energy efficiency.
Would you like to see for yourself? Then take a look at the key benefits that continue to make floor lamps a bestseller in the field of room lighting.

  • Versatility: floor lamps are available in many different colours, shapes and sizes. They can be easily adapted to different room concepts and can be set up in almost any room (for different purposes). Ceiling installation is not required.
  • Stylish design: The lamps are available in many different designs, from modern and minimalist to classic and decorative. They not only serve as a light source, but also as an aesthetic element and can visually enhance a room.
  • Direct light: Floor lamps often provide direct light that can be targeted at specific areas or objects. This makes them ideal for reading corners, work areas or for highlighting works of art.
  • Flexibility in placement: In contrast to permanently installed lamps, floor lamps can be easily moved and placed in different areas of the room. This allows the lighting to be adapted to the respective requirements.
  • Glare-free light: Many lights are designed to produce glare-free light. This is particularly important for relieving eye strain and visual comfort.
  • Space accentuation: The lights can be used to emphasise certain areas or elements, creating a pleasant room atmosphere as well as visual interest.
  • Easy installation: Compared to permanently installed ceiling lights, free-standing luminaires do not require complex installation. They can simply be plugged in or mounted, which makes them particularly easy to use.
  • Dimming functions: Many lights have a dimming function. This makes it possible to adjust the light intensity as required to create the desired mood.
  • Space-saving: As floor lamps utilise the floor area, they save valuable space in rooms, especially when compared to large chandeliers or ceiling lights.
  • Combinability: Floor lamps can be easily combined with other lighting elements to create holistic and balanced room lighting.
Floor lamps from ORION are a flexible, decorative and functional solution for room lighting that can be easily adapted to individual needs and design requirements.

Create the perfect atmosphere and benefit from these features

In contrast to ceiling lights, which illuminate entire rooms with their light, floor lamps set specific accents and illuminate individual living areas. With ORION, you also benefit from many additional functions that not only bring more light, but also more quality of life into your home.

  • Reading lamp: Both ceiling floodlights and classic floor lamps can be equipped with an additional swivel arm. This complements the pleasant mood lighting perfectly with a targeted reading light.
  • Swivelling: Many arc lamps can also be tilted or swivelled. With a medium-sized or smaller floor lamp behind your sofa, the light source can be perfectly adjusted to your height or sitting position for reading.
  • Candelier crystals: Crystals create a very special ambience. They radiate a positive attitude to life as the light refracts off the numerous facets and a wonderful blaze of colour illuminates the room.
  • Single or multi-flame: The classic floor lamp is fitted with a Lamp holder. However, it is also possible for the pole to be divided into several light arms and thus several flames. This can be a decorative element, but can also contribute to brighter lighting.
  • Dimmable: Stand lights can enable good concentration through targeted lighting. However, if it is dimmable, the same lamp can also be used as cosy mood lighting. A built-in dimmer is usually controlled by a switch, foot or remote control.
  • LED panels: LED light sources are particularly energy-saving and are characterised by low heat generation. As a result, they do not heat up the room unintentionally and can also be used for a long time. Many LED floor lamps are dimmable and some even allow the light colour to be adjusted as desired.
  • Height-adjustable: The height can be adjusted by tilting the swivel arms, but also by adjusting the height of the pole. This allows the light beam to be targeted precisely.
  • Colour temperature adjustment: Some free-standing luminaires offer the option of adjusting the colour temperature of the light from warm to cool light.
  • Materials and design options: Floor lamps come in many varieties. Different materials and design options allow floor lamps to be customised to suit your personal style and furnishings.
  • Foot switch or touch control: Some floor lamps offer convenient operation via a foot switch or touch control for on/off functions and dimming options.

How to find the right floor lamp for every room

Although all floor lamps fulfil the same function, the individual versions differ significantly from one another. Especially in terms of design and features.
Which model you choose depends on both your personal taste and your furnishing style. The room in which you place your floor lamp also plays an important role.

You can change your mind at any time and move the light from the living room to the bedroom, for example. However, the size and design of the models can (and should) be influenced by the choice of planned location.

Living room

A combination of table and floor lamps, e.g. a ceiling floodlight, can further enhance the cosy atmosphere. Ideally, even three out of four corners should be illuminated to make the room look even better. A cosy reading corner can also be set up near the sofa or a comfortable armchair.


If you like to read in bed, a bedside lamp with targeted light is a good choice. But this is also possible with floor lamps, for example with a swivelling or reading arm. They are also a real eye-catcher and can provide romantic mood lighting.

Children's rooms

Particular caution is required in children's rooms. Especially with small children, you should pay attention to the safety of every item of furniture. Anything that can break or is heavy is not suitable for a child's room. Floor lamps can be easily knocked over by children and should therefore be additionally mounted.

Kitchen & Bathroom

In wet or damp rooms, only lights with at least IP44 protection are recommended. Floor lamps for the living area have an IP20 protection rating and are therefore not suitable for wet rooms. However, you may find what you are looking for outdoors.


The targeted use of free-standing luminaires can increase concentration in the office - and also relieve strain on the eyes. For example, by simulating daylight with the appropriate light colour. A pleasant side effect is a decorative element and a friendlier atmosphere.

Balcony & garden

Similar to the kitchen and bathroom, only lights with an IP44 protection rating or higher are suitable for outdoor areas. Although you can place a floor lamp from the living area outside for a limited time, you will not be protected if it suddenly starts to rain. We therefore recommend special lights for the outdoor area.


Floor luminaires contribute to a pleasant lighting atmosphere in the entrance area. The warm light can create an inviting atmosphere for guests and residents.

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Choosing the right lighting is a conscious decision that needs to be tailored to your personal wishes and requirements. To ensure that you can make well-informed decisions, we offer you the option of a free consultation by telephone or email . Ask us any questions that are on your heart!

How easy it is to order high-quality floor lamps in the ORION online shop

The path to your new floor lamp is simple and straightforward! In this clear step-by-step guide, you will learn how to shop in the ORION shop from the comfort of your own home.

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  3. Check shopping basket: Once you have added all the items you want, go to the shopping basket. Here you can check your selection, adjust quantities and enter voucher codes if necessary.
  4. Go to checkout: Once you are happy with your selection, click "Proceed to checkout" or a similar option. This is where the order process begins.
  5. Enter shipping information: Open a customer account or order as a guest. Enter your shipping information such as name, address and contact details. Make sure that all details are correct.
  6. Select shipping option: Select the desired shipping option from the available options and check the corresponding costs.
  7. Enter payment information: Enter your payment information. ORION offers various payment options such as credit card, PayPal, Klarna.
  8. Review your order: Review your order, including all items, quantities, shipping and payment information. Make sure everything is correct before finalising your purchase.
  9. Complete your order: After you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation email.
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