Floor lamps

The epitome of homeliness

When hearing the word “home” a certain image is bound to appear before our inner eye: a cosy sofa set with cushions, blankets with a wonderfully decorative floor lamp next to it. No matter which style you choose, a floor lamp is always an eye-catcher.


Many advantages

  • Floor lamps are not permanently installed, so their exact positioning can be flexibly selected according to requirements.
  • They set atmospheric lighting accents to supplement basic illumination.
  • Individual light islands can make rooms appear larger.
  • They supply reading corners and work places optimally with light while simultaneously creating a pleasant environment.
  • Floor lamps combine practical with decorative elements.
  • As single light source, they create a cosy atmosphere in the evening.

Type of floor lamp

Since free-standing luminaires are so flexible, many different types exist. They differ in their lighting effect, base, construction and shade. We have listed the major categories of floor lamps for you:


Classic floor lamp: is characterised by a straight pole mounted on a single base - with many diverse shade options. They are available in textile, glass, metal or with chandelier crystal in varying shapes with manifold lighting effect.

Ceiling floodlight: Similar to classic floor lamps, a straight pole is mounted on a single base. The shade is either U-shaped, V-shaped or even a flat plate to distribute light indirectly into the room via ceiling illumination. On the sides, the shade's light is somewhat satinised. As a result, ceiling floodlights provide warm and quite bright luminous flux. 

Arc lamp: Especially in large rooms, this type of floor lamp cuts an elegant figure. Its characteristic feature is the long curved lamp neck. Depending on style, arc lamps are either crowned by a large shade or by a very modern LED panel in metal finish. The light base can be pushed under a couch or other piece of furniture to let the lamp them seemingly tower over the living room landscape. 

Tripod floor lamp: Its main characteristic is the three-legged frame, similar to that of a camera tripod, that gives this lamp its special look. Topped with a textile shade, the industrial design style takes on a cosy character. Many are also height adjustable.

Column lamp: With this type of floor lamp, the light source (usually LED panels) is already integrated into the pole turning it into the light body encased in either plastic, acrylic glass, metal or textile.


These main types contain numerous partially varying features, both visual and technical.

  • Reading lamp: Both ceiling floodlights and classic floor lamps can be equipped with an additional swivel arm for targeted light on reading materials as perfect complement for the pleasant mood light. 
  • Tiltable: Many arc lamps can be tilted or swivelled. A medium or smaller floor lamp positioned behind your sofa can be perfectly adjusted to height or sitting position for reading. 
  • Crystal chandelier: Crystals create a unique living ambiance. They radiate a joie-de-vivre as they refract light in their numerous facets letting a wonderful colour blaze illuminate any room. 
  • Single or multi-flame: The classic floor lamp is equipped with one socket. However, several design options exist for dividing or crowning the pole into several light arms with multiple flames. This can be both a decorative element as well as a source of brighter illumination.
  • Dimmable: Floor lamps can help you concentrate by providing focused lighting. In reverse, if it is dimmable, the same floor lamp also works as a cosy mood light. The built-in dimmer is usually controlled by switch, foot or remote control.
  • LED panels: LED illuminants are particularly energy-efficient with low heat generation. This means they do not heat up the room unintentionally and can be switched on for long time periods. Many LED floor lamps are dimmable and some even allow light colour changes as desired.
  • Height adjustable: Many floor lamp styles are height adjustable, either by targeting the swivel arms or by altering pole height. Thus the light beam can be targeted precisely where needed.

The design

Besides function, design is the second key element. Floor lamps are absolute eye-catchers contributing significantly to the "look" of any home - rendering the latter decisive.

From gold, black, silver, copper, grey to white, there are many different colour options. Basic colours can be combined with any furnishing style. If the room follows a certain colour concept in, the lamp can be selected accordingly, be it in earth tones or befitting the seasons.

StatementOnly one thing applies: the more striking the lamp, the better. In this case, setting a conscious contrast to the general interior style lets it stand out even more. 


Modern, industrial, country house, classic or vintage - there are many styles to choose from.

  • Modern floor lamps usually have a clean design with clear shapes.
  • The industrial look mainly plays mainly with metal elements and a certain "shabby chic", brass is a commonly used metal.
  • Traditional country house style stands above all for rustic and particularly warm ambiances and a wide range of decorative elements depending on exact style-theme.
  • Typical classical elements for floor lamps are textile shades or beautiful crystal hangings.
  • Vintage or retro-styles are currently en vogue reviving a plethora of very different historic styles and designs.

The room

When choosing your floor lamp, the room in which it will find its place is crucial. Naturally, changing your mind and placing it somewhere else is the convenient option this lamp type offers. But keep in mind that its ultimate placement can determine the lamp's size and design. We have highlighted a few areas of application for you.

Living room

A mix of table and floor lamps is ideal for enhancing a cosy atmosphere. Even three out of four corners should be illuminated to bring out the best in any living room. Close to a couch or comfortable armchair, a nice reading corner can be set up as special accent. 


For those who like to read in bed, a bedside luminaire is a good choice. But this is also possible with floor lamps, for example those featuring a swivel or reading arm. Here they really are eye-catchers and can also provide romantic mood lighting.

Children's room

In children's rooms, every item of furniture must be selected with special care. Depending on how old your child is, you should pay particular attention to safety. Anything that can break, is heavy or can be knocked over is not suitable for children's rooms. Floor lamps thus are suitable only for rooms of older children like teenagers.

Kitchen & Bathroom
In wet or damp rooms, only lights with at least IP44 protection class are recommended. Floor lamps usually only have protection class of IP20 and are therefore not suitable for wet rooms. Floor lamps fit for outdoor areas, however, are an option worth looking into. 

The targeted use of free-standing luminaires can improve concentration in offices relieving eye strain. As a pleasant side effect, floor lamps aff a decorative element and give off a friendlier atmosphere.

Balcony & Garden
As in kitchen and bathroom, only lights with protection class IP44 or higher are suitable for outdoor use. An interior floor lamp will "survive" outside for a limited time, but it will not be protected in the event of sudden rain. We therefore recommend special lights for [outdoor use](