Table lamps

Small but mighty!

Table lamps are the counterpart to floor lamps - small in size yet with a big impact. They are perfect for bedside tables, shelves or desks adding a certain touch to any interior.


Which advantages does a table lamp have?

  • It is flexible, can change location and you can place it wherever it is needed any time.
  • It has all the charms of a decorative object all the while being a most functional form of lighting.
  • Used as mood lighting, it envelops any room in a soft glow.
  • For concentrated work, it provides targeted light.
  • On drawer chests or shelves, it skillfully sets light accents.

Desk lamps

Desk lamps are mainly used where concentrated work is required. This can be in the office, - on the job or remotely - or in the children's room desk when doing homework. They ensure good illumination so your eyes are not unnecessarily strained when working, doing homework or handicrafts.

What you should look for when choosing

  • Stability: All joints should remain in position after adjustment and not wobble - so material and production quality are musts.
  • Brightness: For workplaces, a light source of 500 lumens or more is best suited, for VDU workstations 750 lumens and for very fine, detailed work even 1000 lumens are considered ideal (small parts assembly, technical drawing etc.).
  • Glare-free: The lamp should not blind you while working.
  • With or without cable: If for some reason you cannot place the desk lamp near an electric socket, some desk lamps come with rechargeable batteries. This allows you to place them wherever you want and need them, independent of power supply.
  • Tiltable: Many desk lamps can be tilted or swivelled individually. A so-called gooseneck allows even more flexible adjustment.

Decorative function

Desk lamps clearly focus on function, but that doesn't mean they can't be chic. Modern styles exude a clean image with clear shapes. Despite their fixed arms, bench and arc lamps can illuminate wide desk areas spreading a certain retro-touch.

Useful tips

Combine your desk lamp with basic illumination. This will help you avoid overtly strong light-dark contrasts, that cause your eyes to tire more quickly. Light colour is scalable in many lamps - ideally you will select it according to the task at hand. Warm white light is cosier and suited for a relaxed atmosphere. Cold or day white light boosts concentration due to its higher blue content. A middle ground would be neutral white light, which is ideal for reading. Placement on the table top is also important: Left-handers place their light to the right, while right-handers place it to the left. This way, your hand does not cast distracting shadows when working.

Bedside lamps

A light with many uses: - bedside lamps help us find our way to bed in the evening after the main light is switched off. We relax in bed reading a book in its light and switch it off to drift into the land of dreams. In the morning during dark season, it helps us wake up providing the new days's first light rays in the bedroom.

Tips for the perfect bedside lamp

  • Placing it to the left and right of the bed as a set is ideal for visual and lighting symmetry.
  • Warm white light creates a cosy atmosphere making it easier to fall asleep than cold white light.
  • A muted shade diffuses light and again is more sleep endorsing than a transparent shade.
  • To ensure that enough space is left on your bedside table, it should take up no more than one third.
  • It offers prime decorative options with styles ranging from modern to vintage and classic to eccentric designs.

Classic table lamps

These table lamps do not owe their name to their style, more to their field of application. Compared to desk or bedside lamps, their main task is to create a comfortable home-like atmosphere. They are classic living accessories on drawer chests or shelves supplying indirect light for a relaxed lighting atmosphere.

Even if their decorative character is in the foreground, their practical uses are not be completely disregarded. Classic table lamps can also be used for reading a book: if you can sit directly next to the light source, a lamp with 300-400 lumens is sufficient.


Here you can really select from a full style range choosing between an impressive variety of designs.

  • Modern table lamps feature clear shapes and technical refinements instead of optical gimmicks. They are thus particularly suited for areas requiring good illumination.
  • Crystal elements enchant any room with their exclusive flair and refract light into many different colour facets. Everything is possible from opulent, showy hangings to an accentuated insert.
  • Classic styles are usually equipped with an attractive textile shade - many of them with special extras such as decorative trim, pleated textile or whimsical pole or base.
  • Retro looks are always en-vogue and combine nostalgic charm with modern technology.
  • Country house style brings a rustic touch to hectic daily life as they create a cosy feeling with that certain "down-home" character. Ornamental metal elements with shabby chic-touch are characteric for these designs.
  • Extravagant designs are real eye-catchers that turn table lamps into an art object for your living room. They often feature avantgarde style combinations or unusual crystal applications.

Additional functions

Table lamps come in many different shapes, colours and materials. Since they are made for a wide range of applications, they often come with numerous additional functions. Several were already presented above, from swivelling to wireless. However, your table lamps can also have these features:

  • Table lamp with QI charger: Some lights have a wireless charging function. You can charge your mobile phone simply by placing it on the lamp base. Please check whether this is compatible with your specific mobile phone model, though.
  • Table lamp to clamp: A clamp base is particularly suited if you have little space on the table and do not want to place the table lamp directly there. It can be attached to table or bed edge or corner letting light shine in supposedly inaccessible places.
  • Dimmable table lamps: With this function, you can adjust your lamp's luminosity as desired adapting it to intended use. This makes either concentrated work or a cosy atmosphere possible any time.
  • Light colour adjustment: Naturally, you can determine light colour with choice of illuminant. However, some LED illuminants offer the option of conveniently choosing between different light colours. For example, daylight is perfect for staying alert and concentrated, while warm white light is suitable for relaxed reading.