Table lamps

Small but mighty!

Table lamps are the counterpart to floor lamps - small in size yet with a big impact. They are perfect for bedside tables, shelves or desks adding a certain touch to any interior.


Table lamps - small helpers with a big charisma

Table lamps are characterised by their versatility. They can be used as a reading lamp on the desk, as a bedside lamp or as a stylish accessory in the living room. Table lamps are also an expression of personal style. They enhance rooms, create a cosy atmosphere or serve as a striking design element.

What are the advantages of table lamps?

Flexible placement: Thanks to their compact appearance, table lamps can be placed almost anywhere. This is a particular advantage in homes with limited space.
Aesthetics and functionality: Desk lamps are both decorative and functional. For concentrated work, their focussed light ensures a transparent view of the work area.
Atmospheric lighting: Table lamps produce a soft, indirect light. In contrast to the hard light from ceiling lights, this creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Targeted lighting: Light exactly where it is needed. This is particularly useful for reading, working or other activities that require focussed lighting.
Customisability: Many table lamps have additional adjustment options, such as dimmable light. In these cases, the light intensity can be varied according to requirements and mood.

What can table lamps be used for?

Table lamps come in a variety of styles, colours and designs to add personality and character to any room. Here are some of the most important areas of application:

Desk lamps

These lamps are mainly used where people are concentrating on their work. They ensure good illumination of the desk so that the eyes do not tire. For example, when working, doing homework or crafting.

Functionality is the transparent focus of desk lamps. But that doesn't mean they can't also be stylish. Modern styles ensure a tidy appearance with transparent shapes. Banker and arc lamps, for example, can illuminate the desk over a large area despite their sturdy arms and exude a retro touch.

You should pay attention to this when choosing a desk lamp:
  • Stability: all joints should remain in position after adjustment and not wobble. Therefore, pay attention to quality.
  • Brightness: Lamps from 500 lumens are suitable for the workplace, and from 750 lumens for VDU workstations. For very fine detail work (assembly of small parts, technical drawing etc.) 1000 lumens are suitable.
  • Glare-free: The light should not dazzle you at work.
  • With or without cable: If you don't have space at the socket, there are table lamps with rechargeable batteries. This means you can set up the lamp anywhere, regardless of the power supply.
  • Light colour: Warm white light is more pleasant and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Cool white or daylight white light promotes concentration due to its higher blue content. A middle ground is neutral white light.
  • Swivelling: Many desk lamps can be individually tilted or swivelled. A so-called swan neck enables even more flexible adjustment.

Further tips:

Combine the light from your desk lamp with sufficient basic illumination. This will help you to avoid light-dark contrasts, which can tire the eyes more quickly. The position on the desk is also important. It is best for left-handers to position the light to the right and right-handers to the left. This way, the hand does not cast a disturbing shadow when working.

Bedside lamps

Bedside lamps have several advantages: they ensure safety in the dark. With their soft, calming light, they allow you to read before going to bed without preventing you from falling asleep. In the darker months of the year, they provide the first soft rays of light in the bedroom, making it pleasant to wake up.
You should pay attention to this when choosing a bedside lamp:
  • Placement: ideally to the left and right of the bed. A matching set creates a harmonious look.
  • Light colour: Warm white light is soft and less intense. It affects the production of the sleep hormone melatonin less than cool white light.
  • Lampshade: A dark shade distributes light gently and helps you relax and fall asleep.
  • Size: The bedside lamp should not take up more than a third of the bedside table so that there is still room for other things.
  • Design: Aesthetics are important. When shopping, always choose a lamp that visually matches your interior. 

Reading lamps

Reading lamps provide functional light and therefore make a significant contribution to reading comfort. Whether in a comfortable armchair or at a desk, these lamps are suitable for a wide variety of reading situations.
You should pay attention to this when choosing a reading lamp:
  • Brightness: Sufficient brightness guarantees that your eyes do not tire while reading. Lights with adjustable light intensity are recommended.
  • Glare-free light: Choose a light with glare-free light to provide additional relief for your eyes.
  • Flexibility: A good reading light should be flexibly adjustable to direct the light exactly where it is needed. Models with an adjustable arm are particularly practical.
  • Colour temperature: This point plays an important role when reading. While cooler light promotes concentration, warmer light has a relaxing effect and is better suited to reading before going to bed.

Classic table lamps

Classic table lamps are primarily intended to create a cosy ambience. They can be used as a home accessory on chests of drawers or shelves. As an indirect light source, they provide relaxing lighting.
  • Placement: Ideal on chests of drawers or shelves to create a cosy atmosphere.
  • Interior design: Whether your interior is more traditional, vintage or a mix of old and new, a classic table lamp should work harmoniously with the style of the room.
  • Versatility: Even if the decorative character takes centre stage, you should not neglect functionality. Your new lamp should be flexible enough to fulfil both decorative and practical criteria.
  • Luminous intensity: As classic table lamps primarily function as additional lighting, 300-400 lumens are sufficient to fulfil their purpose of creating a pleasant ambience.

Choose from different styles

Table lamps come in many shapes, colours and materials, from classic to modern. Each variant has its own charm and offers countless possibilities for giving rooms a special touch.

Modern: Contemporary table lamps are characterised by transparent shapes and technical sophistication. They are suitable for illuminating darker areas.

Classic: Traditional table lamps are often equipped with elegant textile shades and can impress with decorative details such as decorative borders, pleats or playful sockets.

Retro: Retro-style lamps are a charming combination of nostalgia and modern technology. They bring the timeless charm of past decades into your home and give it a nostalgic touch.

Country house style: These table lamps create a rustic ambience. Decorated metal elements in a shabby chic style give these designs a cosy look.

Crystal elements: Crystals create a positive atmosphere in the room and diffuse the light in different colour nuances. They range from opulent and ostentatious to subtle accents.

Unusual designs: Unusual table lamps attract attention and transform the table into an art object. They can also incorporate elements of other styles and be embellished with crystals, for example.

The many additional functions of our table lamps

Table lamps are not only diverse in appearance and style, but also in their practical additional functions. These functions can vary depending on the model and intended use. In addition to the features already mentioned, such as swivelling and cordless operation, there are other interesting features that make your table lamp even more functional.

Table lamp with QI charger: Some lights have a wireless charging function. This allows you to charge your mobile phone simply by placing it on the base of the lamp. Check beforehand whether this is compatible with your mobile phone.
Table lamp with clamp base: A clamp base is particularly suitable if you have little space and do not want to place the table lamp directly on the table. It can be mounted at the end of the table or on the edge of the bed. In this way, light can also be provided in supposedly inaccessible places.
Dimmable table lamps: This function allows you to regulate the brightness of your light and adapt it to the intended use. This allows you to concentrate on your work and create a pleasant atmosphere at all times.
Setting the light colour: Basically, you determine the light colour by selecting the light source. With some LED lights, however, you can also conveniently choose between different light colours.

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Frequently asked questions about table lamps

Which light source should I choose for my table lamp?

Some variants are equipped with built-in LED technology, which means that it is no longer necessary to change the bulb. This simplifies handling and maintenance. Others allow the light source to be replaced. In most cases, you can choose between LED lamps and energy-saving lamps. Due to their numerous advantages, LED table lamps are the preferred choice today.

What are the advantages of LED light sources?

LED light sources are characterised by high energy efficiency and low heat generation. Another advantage is their long service life. LEDs can shine for up to 50,000 hours on average. After that, they can simply be disposed of with household waste. They also contain no harmful mercury. This makes them a good choice not only in the living room, study and dining room, but also in the children's room. What's more, unlike some energy-saving lamps, LED table lamps reach their maximum brightness immediately after switching on.

How do I determine the right size and shape of table lamp for my room?

Proportions to the furniture: As a rule of thumb, table lamps should be about a third as high as the piece of furniture on which they stand. While a large light on a small table will make it look overloaded, a light that is too small will look lost on a large table.
Room size and ceiling height: Here, too, you should keep an eye on the proportions. Larger lamps can be used in larger rooms with high ceilings, while smaller lamps are better suited to smaller rooms with lower ceilings.
Intended use: Think about what you mainly want to use the table lamp for. For reading or working, as decoration or additional lighting?
Style of the room: The shape and design should match the interior style of the room. A modern, minimalist table lamp fits well in a modern ambience, while a classic one with lots of ornamentation is more suited to a traditional interior.
Light distribution: A large shade distributes the light more widely, a small shade focusses it more strongly.
Personal taste: Ultimately, the decision should primarily be based on your personal preferences. Choose a lamp that you like and that you can easily imagine in your home.