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Small and yet so versatile! Whether as basic illumination or accent lighting - spotlights and spots are the targeted approach for creating atmospheric lighting.


Are you looking for an effective way to illuminate your home, office or shop in style? Discover the world of spotlights and spotlights - the all-rounders of lighting technology!

The clever solution for indoor areas

Small and yet so versatile! As ambient lighting or as accent lighting - spotlights and spotlights can be used to create atmospheric lighting.

  • Precise accentuation: Spotlights and spotlights can be used to emphasise specific areas or objects. Emphasise works of art, architectural details or furnishing elements and create an impressive atmosphere.
  • Flexibility in direction: The adjustable heads of spotlights and spotlights allow you to direct the light exactly where you need it. Achieve maximum flexibility in illumination and adjust the lighting as required.
  • Energy-saving LED technology: Enjoy not only excellent lighting, but also cost efficiency with energy-efficient LED spotlights and spots. Reduce your energy consumption and help protect the environment at the same time.
  • Stylish design: From modern to classic - spotlights and spotlights are available in a variety of designs that can be seamlessly integrated into any interior. Emphasise the aesthetic value of your rooms with stylish lighting solutions.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: Whether in the living room, garden or workplace - spotlights and spotlights are versatile for indoor and outdoor use and provide the right lighting everywhere. Enjoy sophisticated illumination in every area of your life.

Spotlights and spotlights: energy-saving lighting with a wide range of applications

LED spotlights are the perfect solution for efficiently and stylishly illuminating your rooms or your outdoor area.

Whether for private use or commercial applications, our LED spotlights set new standards in terms of brightness, energy efficiency and durability.

Why choose LED spotlights?

Our LED spotlights offer numerous advantages over conventional lighting options. Thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology, you can rely on a longer service life, lower energy consumption and outstanding light quality. What's more, LED spotlights are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful chemicals such as mercury.

Versatility for every need

Whether you want to illuminate your outdoor areas, create accents in your living space or ensure optimum visibility in your company - our LED spotlights offer the right solution. From swivelling spotlights to powerful floodlights, we have the right product for every requirement.

Energy efficiency in focus

With our LED spotlights, you not only save money, but also protect the environment. The high energy efficiency significantly reduces power consumption, which not only lowers your operating costs, but also makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Rugged and weather-resistant

Our LED spotlights for outdoor use are not only powerful, but also robust and weather-resistant. Whether rain, snow or extreme temperatures - our products withstand adversity and provide reliable lighting in any situation.

Advice and service

At ORION, we not only value high-quality products, but also excellent customer service. Our expert team is always on hand to help you choose the right spotlight and provide you with information on installation, maintenance and other relevant topics.

Discover the future of lighting with our LED spotlights - efficient, environmentally friendly and powerful! Contact us today and let us convince you of our products.

What types of spotlights and spots are available

There are a variety of spotlights and spots on the market that have been developed for different applications and lighting needs. Here are some common types

LED spotlights

  • Floodlight spotlights: Large areas can be illuminated with a wide beam of light, ideal for lighting gardens, driveways or sports fields.
  • Accent spotlights: These spotlights are suitable for highlighting specific objects or areas to create a special atmosphere.

LED spotlights

  • Recessed spotlights: These spotlights are installed in ceilings, walls or floors and are particularly suitable for discreet room lighting.
  • Ceiling spotlights: Mounted on the ceiling, they provide bright lighting and can be used for general or targeted illumination.
  • Wall spots: Mounting on walls enables targeted lighting of specific areas or objects.

Halogen spotlights

  • Spotlights with motion detectors: Ideal for outdoor safety lighting, switch on automatically when motion is detected.
  • Ceiling and wall systems: Allow flexible arrangement of spotlights for customised illumination.

Floodlight floodlights

  • LED floodlight: Powerful floodlights for large area lighting, often used in security lighting or at events.
  • Solar floodlight: Eco-friendly options that run on solar energy and are ideal for remote locations without a power supply.

Mirror spotlights

  • Lighting systems for artworks: Specially developed spotlights to optimally illuminate artworks and emphasise their beauty.

Track lighting

  • Track systems: Allow flexible placement of spots along a track to illuminate different areas and are popular in shops or galleries.

When choosing between spotlights and spotlights, it is important to consider the intended use, the desired light intensity, the location and energy efficiency. Well-designed lighting can not only improve the aesthetics, but also optimise the functionality of the room or environment.

Spots offer a number of advantages

  • Energy efficiency: Spots, especially those with LED technology, are characterised by their high energy efficiency. They produce more light per watt compared to conventional light bulbs or halogen lamps. This results in lower energy costs and an overall more environmentally friendly lighting solution. In addition, LED spotlights have a long service life, so you need to replace your lamps less frequently.
  • Flexibility: Spotlights are extremely flexible in terms of their placement and orientation. With swivelling heads or adjustable mounting systems, you can direct the light precisely where it is needed. This makes them ideal for emphasising specific objects or areas in a room.
  • Environmentally friendly: LED spotlights contain no harmful substances such as mercury and produce significantly less CO2 emissions during their lifetime compared to traditional lighting options. In addition, many spotlights are recyclable, which further increases their environmental compatibility.
  • Instant brightness: Unlike some conventional light bulbs, LED spotlights do not require any warm-up time. They deliver their full brightness immediately after switching on. This is particularly practical when immediate lighting is required, for example in corridors, stairwells or for security applications.
  • Long service life: LED spotlights have an impressively long service life compared to conventional incandescent lamps or halogen lamps. The average service life of LEDs is often several tens of thousands of hours. This not only reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement, but also minimises waste and the associated environmental impact.

By combining these advantages, spotlights not only offer efficient and adaptable lighting solutions, but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly use of resources.

What relevance does the beam angle have?

The beam angle plays a decisive role in the selection of spots and spotlights, as it determines how the light is distributed. Here are some relevant aspects:

  1. Lighting areaThe beam angle determines the area illuminated by a spotlight or spotlight. A narrower angle creates a concentrated beam of light for accent lighting, while a wider angle enables more extensive illumination.
  2. Accentuation of objects: A spotlight with a narrow beam angle is well suited for the targeted accentuation of specific objects or architectural elements. This allows you to create visual highlights and draw attention to specific areas.
  3. General room illumination: Spotlights with a wider beam angle are ideal for general room illumination. They ensure an even distribution of light and minimise shadows, which is particularly important in living or working spaces.
  4. Outdoor use: In outdoor areas, the beam angle is important for effectively illuminating paths, gardens or facades. Here, a wider angle can enable more extensive illumination.
  5. Design flexibility: The ability to adjust the beam angle offers flexibility in interior design. This is particularly important when different lighting scenarios are desired.
  6. Glare and light dispersion: A beam angle that is too wide can cause glare, while an angle that is too narrow may not provide enough light. It is important to choose a balanced beam angle that achieves the desired lighting effect without compromising the harmony of the room.

The relevance of the beam angle is therefore to ensure that the lighting fulfils the desired purpose and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It is important to consider the individual requirements of the room and the intended use in order to select the optimum beam angle.

We advise you free of charge

Choosing the right lighting is a conscious decision that needs to be tailored to your personal wishes and requirements. To ensure that you can make well-informed decisions, we offer you the option of a free consultation by telephone or email . Ask us any questions you have!

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Frequently asked questions about spots and spotlights

How do I arrange spotlights correctly?

Here are some tips for the correct arrangement of spotlights:

  • Set clear goals: Identify the areas or objects to be emphasised and plan accordingly.
  • Consider room size: Use enough spotlights for uniform illumination, especially in larger rooms.
  • Adjust the beam angle: Choose spotlights with a suitable beam angle for the desired effect.
  • Targeted alignment: Aim spotlights specifically at focal objects, experimenting with different angles.
  • Maintain balance: Avoid over- or under-lighting for a balanced room atmosphere.
  • Vary heights: Play with different heights to create visual interest.
  • Architectural details emphasised: Use spotlights to emphasise architectural features.
  • Control glare: Make sure spotlights do not shine directly into the eyes to avoid glare.
  • Consider colours: Note the influence of colours on the lighting effect.
  • Experiment: Try out different arrangements to find the best lighting for your room.

What do I need to pay attention to when mounting?

  • Ensure stability: Make sure that the mounting surface is stable and suitable for the installation of spotlights.
  • Consider cable routing: Consider the cable routing during installation to avoid unsightly cable runs.
  • Consider mounting height: Consider the optimum mounting height to achieve the desired lighting area and minimise glare.
  • Use fixing materials: Use the fixing material recommended by the manufacturer to ensure secure and stable mounting.
  • Check water and dust protection: Check that the spotlights have the required protection against water and dust, especially outdoors.
  • Keep a safe distance: Maintain sufficient distance from flammable materials to minimise potential fire hazards.
  • Check alignment: Check the alignment of the spotlights to achieve the desired lighting effect.
  • Ensure electrical safety: Switch off the power supply before installation and ensure that the electrical connections are properly installed.
  • Consider heat dissipation: Ensure adequate heat dissipation to maximise the life of the spotlights.
  • Consult a professional: If you are unsure or complex installations are involved, consult a professional to ensure safe and correct installation.

Remember that careful installation not only improves the performance of the spotlights, but also ensures safety. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

Are spotlights and spotlights always swivelling?

No, not all spotlights and spotlights are swivelling. The possibility of this depends on the design and use of the respective model. Some are fixed and fixed, while others can be swivelled to flexibly adjust the direction of the light. It is important to check the product description to find out whether a specific spotlight or spot is swivelling.

Are there dimmable spotlights?

Yes, many spotlights are dimmable. Dimmable spotlights make it possible to adjust the light intensity as required and thus control the atmosphere in the room. When buying spotlights, you should make sure that they are compatible with a dimmable dimmer switch to achieve the desired dimming function.