Mirror & Picture lights

Spot on for mirror and picture lights

They have one thing in common: their objective is to set the scene for people or objects with their light. Good illumination is the goal - and we will show you how to achieve this.


Mirror lights

Their field of application is immediately apparent from their name, for these lights have an almost symbiotic partnership with mirrors. Especially in bathroom, mirror lights are often indispensable since you need a more frontal lighting for grooming, doing your make-up or shaving. Only ceiling lights would not suffice here, as your face would be shadowed. A nice mirror light not only illuminates you visually but also adds a special touch to your bathroom.

Selection criteria

Type of mounting

Mirror lights are mostly placed parallel over the mirror, but also have a good effect from the side. In the latter case, it is advisable to mount them in pairs left and right for symmetry. In both cases, they also function as decorative wall lights - but it is important to remember that only those with at least IP44 protection class are suitable for bathrooms.

Style and material

In bathrooms, "clean" looks are particularly popular, allowing other bathroom accessories to shine. However, different designs are available, some with a nostalgic touch. Their high-quality material - mostly made of brass, aluminium and glass - influences their effect.


These are mainly related to applied technology. You can choose between sockets fitted with illuminants of choice or permanently installed LED panels.

  • LEDs have the advantage of being particularly long-lasting and convincing in terms of energy efficiency. Low heat generation is an additional advantage when lights shine close to the face.
  • Dimmability is a recurring issue, especially if the mirror luminaire is also used as mood lighting, like for bubble baths.
  • Some mirror lights are mounted on or clamped to an object, then called a mirror top luminaire. This means that it does not need to be fixed to the wall.
  • Flat mirrors that already contain LED panels also exist. Some of them can even be light colour controlled.

What to look out for?

  • Ideally, mirror lights should not dazzle as it shines indirectly or directly into our faces. A matt or satin finish is recommended for the light shade.
  • If mirror light are installed in bathrooms, they need at least protection class IP44 against splashing water.
  • The light width should correspond to the mirror or be slightly smaller for direct lighting.
  • Choice of light colour is up to you. A soft warm white light is suitable for brushing teeth in the evening. In turn, for applying make-up a light colour close to daylight is ideal. 

Picture lights

As with mirror lights, every picture facet needs to be shown off to its best advantage. Especially in museums, objects, paintings or photographs need this additional lighting to ensure that visitors get an optimal view. But it is also worth considering at home, not only to accentuate your pictures, but also to create a unique light display along your wall.

How do I place picture lights?

The light's optimum position is centrally above a picture and in some distance from it. Installed too close, only part of the object will be illuminated. The ideal distance depends on the picture's size. The aim is to illuminate the entire picture without creating dark corners.

Which types are there?

  • Picture luminaires are often also available swivellable, so you can adjust the beam angle to your object.
  • Dimmability allows you to regulate the light intensity in which you want your artwork to shine.
  • LED light sources are ideal for pictures, as neither heat, nor UV light or infrared radiation can damage the picture.
  • Some mirror lights also house power sockets - particularly useful for locations with poor or sparse power distribution.

The designs

This topic definitely deserves its own point, because beautiful memories or impressive pictures are particularly entitled to a coherent look. The picture light should therefore match your object -choosing the best match from a wide variety of styles and colours:

  • surface finishes in gold or silver
  • high-quality brass with metallic character
  • antique look due to a raw surface finish
  • decorative elements on lampshade or ornamental wall plates
  • swivel arms in varying shapes - from playful to stringent
  • Round or angular shapes to accompany the elongated lamp
  • glossy or matt finish
  • modern, classic or rustic styles


All ORION lights come with practical, hands-on assembly instructions, include a technical drawing and precise instructions.

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