design by orion


Dignified elegance: „Design by ORION: RING“ the ideal light for adding the finishing touch to a prestigious room.

from the series

RING wall light, round shape, chrome plated
Straight wall light RING, 2-lamps, gold
Ring ceiling light, 115x63cm, chrome plated
Ring ceiling light, 60cm, 24K gold plated
RING ceiling light, 75cm, chrome plated
Chandelier RING, 8-flames, Gold
Chandelier RING, 16-flames, chrome
Chandelier RING, 60cm, chrome plated
RING pendant light, 90cm, chrome plated
Ring chandelier, 110cm, chrome plated
Ring ceiling light, 107cm, gold plated
Straight pendant lamp RING, chrome, 130 cm
Ring pendant light, 50cm, 24K gold plated