Wall lights

Underestimated design elements

A wall light is more than just a light on the wall. With their variety of shapes, colours, styles and designs -they not only illuminate the room but also create additional added aesthetic elements on any wall.


Wall lights: Aesthetics and functionality perfectly combined

Discover the fascinating world of wall lights and give your home a unique atmosphere. Our wide selection of high-quality wall lights not only offers functional lighting solutions, but also aesthetic enrichment for indoor and outdoor areas.

Wall lights are versatile light sources that create pleasant lighting in various rooms. These lights combine functionality with design and serve not only as light sources but also as stylish decorative elements.

Indoors, wall lights offer an elegant way to emphasise certain areas or create soft background lighting. Whether in the living room, bedroom or hallway - wall lights set accents and create a cosy atmosphere. Their diverse designs allow them to blend seamlessly into different interior styles.

In outdoor areas, wall lights play a crucial role in ensuring safety while emphasising the exterior design. They illuminate entrance areas, patios or gardens and create a welcoming environment. Our weatherproof outdoor wall lights combine functionality with long-lasting elegance.

Wall lights offer a number of benefits

  • Interior design and atmosphere: Wall lights are not only practical sources of light, but also creative tools for interior design and creating an atmosphere. Cleverly placed, they create an interplay of light and shadow that emphasises the architecture of your room and gives it a unique dimension. The variety of designs available allows you to personalise any room to suit your own style. Whether subtle accents, romantic lighting or modern elegance - wall lights create artistic highlights, creating an individual atmosphere that blends harmoniously into your living environment.
  • Space-saving: Wall lights are the perfect solution for saving valuable space in any room. By mounting them on the wall, they do not take up any floor space and therefore create more room for other furnishing elements. This space-saving approach makes wall lights a clever choice, especially in small rooms or hallways, without having to compromise on stylish design and optimum lighting.
  • Versatility in lighting: The versatility of wall lighting makes it possible to achieve different lighting effects. Whether direct light for a cosy reading corner or indirect lighting for a relaxed atmosphere - wall lights adapt flexibly to your needs. By choosing different designs and light sources, the lighting becomes a design element that sets the scene for your home in an individual and appealing way.
  • Directional lighting: Wall lights offer the option of directing light in specific directions. This directional lighting makes it possible to set accents, highlight works of art or emphasise architectural details. This targeted illumination gives your room a special dynamic and creates a visual depth that is difficult to achieve with conventional light sources.
  • Complementing the main lighting: Wall lights are not only light sources in their own right, but also serve as an effective complement to the main lighting. In combination with ceiling lights or pendant lamps, they create a balanced lighting atmosphere in the room. This makes it possible to adjust the brightness as required and create different moods - from bright working light to subdued evening light.
  • Safety factor: Wall lights play a decisive role as a safety factor in corridors and stairwells. Through targeted placement, they ensure uniform illumination, which reduces tripping hazards and improves orientation. The additional lighting along walls creates a safe environment, especially in dark or poorly lit areas, and adds a functional safety component to your home.

The right wall lights for every room

Choosing the right wall lights plays a crucial role in the design of any room. At ORION, we understand that every room has individual lighting and design requirements. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing wall lights

Living room

In the living room, the focus is usually on furniture and decorative elements. Choose elegant wall lights that showcase these highlights. Dimmable options offer flexibility to adjust the lighting mood depending on the occasion. For a particularly creative touch, you could opt for sculptural or artistic wall lights that also serve as a decorative element.


Bedrooms require soft, calming lighting. Wall lamps with indirect light create a relaxed atmosphere and are ideal as reading lights next to the bed. Consider whether dimmable models meet your needs and offer the option of individually adjusting the brightness.

Children's room

The children's room is a place of imagination and creativity, and the right lighting plays an important role in this. Opt for playful wall lights that are child-friendly and safe. Models with dimmable functions allow you to adjust the brightness to suit your child's needs - from exciting playtimes to soothing bedtimes. Creative design, for example in the form of fun animal motifs or bright colours, makes the wall lamps part of the child's environment.


Water-resistant lights are essential for the bathroom. Specially developed lights for different IP protection classes not only provide optimum light for mirrors and wash areas, but also ensure safety in wet environments. Opt for models that combine functionality and aesthetics to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. You can also find out more about the right light for your bathroom and IP protection classes in our blog.

Hallway and entrance hall

Wall lights in the hallway or entrance area not only provide orientation, but also create an inviting accent. Here you can opt for models with directional light to emphasise architectural details and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Stairwell and staircase

Uniform and well-placed lighting is very important in staircases to ensure safety. Choose lamps that effectively illuminate the staircase and avoid tripping hazards. Directional lighting can emphasise architectural elements and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere.

Use our free consultation service

Choosing the right lighting is a conscious decision that must be tailored to your personal wishes and requirements. To ensure that you are well informed so that you can make the right decision, we offer you the option of a free consultation by phone or e-mail. Feel free to ask us any questions that are on your heart!

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Frequently asked questions about wall lights

How do I choose the right wall light?

  1. Room and function: Consider the room and its function when selecting the light.
  2. Style preference: Choose a style that suits your room design.
  3. Brightness: Decide how bright you want the light to be and whether dimmable options are required.
  4. Functions: Consider which functions are important, e.g. swivelling lights or changeable light colours.
  5. Room-specific requirements: Pay attention to any special requirements, e.g. water-resistant lights for the bathroom.
  6. Mounting options: Consider the mounting options available and adapt them to your needs.
  7. Furnishing style: Make sure that the aesthetics of the wall light match your interior.

How high should wall lights hang?

The optimum height for wall lights varies depending on the intended use:

  1. General lighting: 150-180 cm above the floor.
  2. Accent lighting: As required to emphasise objects.
  3. Reading lamps or bedside lamps: 120-150 cm above the floor.
  4. Bathrooms: At eye level for uniform lighting.
  5. Stairwells: Uniform arrangement for safe lighting

Take the room function, size and personal preferences into account when positioning.

How do I install a wall light?

You will find the relevant installation instructions for your lamp on the product detail pages.