design by orion


As the ultimate classic chandelier, the “Flemish style” has been persevered over centuries. „Design by ORION: FLEMISCH" follows this tradition.

from the series

Chandelier FLEMISH, 5-flames, patina
Wall light FLEMISH, 1-flame, Patina
Wall light FLEMISH, 2-flames, shiny brass
Wall light FLEMISH, 1-flame, shiny brass
Flemish chandelier, 6 lamps, Antique Brass finish
Wall light Flemish, 1-flame, Patina
Wall arm lamp FLÄMISCH, 2-lamps, shiny brass
Floor lamp FLEMISH, 4-flames, patina
Chandelier FLEMISH, 6-flames, patina
Wall arm lamp FLEMISH, 1-flame, shiny brass
Chandelier FLEMISH, 3-lamps, patina
Table lamp FLEMISH, patina, D20cm
Wall light FLEMISH, 2-flames, Patina
Chandelier FLEMISH, 18+12+6+3 flames, shiny brass, with eagle
Floor lamp FLEMISH, 1-flame, patina
Table lamp FLEMISH, patina, D34cm
Classic flemish chandelier, 12+6 lamps, Antique Brass finish, with eagle
Pendant lamp FLEMISH, 4-flames, Patina
Table lamp FLEMISH, shiny brass, D40cm
Chandelier FLEMISH, 5-flames, patina
Chandelier FLEMISH, 8-flames, patina
Floor lamp FLEMISH, 5-flames, patina
Table lamp FLÄMISCH, 4-lamps, patinated, without shade
Table lamp FLEMISH, 4-flames, patina, with shade