Masterful craftsmanship from Vienna

The word “barroco” has its origins in 16th century Portuguese and meant an irregularly shaped pearl. It transmuted into the art historical term for an era and style characterised by abundance, richness of movement in expression and splendid decoration. ORION Vienna light manufactory continues the tradition and art of Baroque chandelier production to this day - remaining true to the spirit of the old masters.

Reliving the splendour of great centuries

At ORION, you will find faithful reproductions 
of opulent, magnificent Baroque chandeliers 
 from historically true replicas over design inspirations 
to contemporary cross-over creations all maintaining 
the great tradition of artisan craftsmanship.

Flemish chandelier

Classic Flemish chandeliers are the result of centuries of brasswork tradition. 
Accordingly, they are made entirely out of this material, giving them 
their typical matt gold sheen and reflection. 
Their decorative floral elements act as additional gloss enhancers.

Table lamp HIROHITO, 5-flames, gold
Chandelier HIROHITO, 21-flames, gold
Chandelier FLÄMISCH, 8-lamps, shiny brass

The Baroque life-style concept: Living like God in France

For Louis XIV (1643-1715), the so-called “Sun King”, this was probably true: he lived like God in France. As expression of his absolutist power and means of setting the standard for royal splendour throughout Europe for over a century, the most important artists and artisans of his time created an almost endless treasure trove of Baroque masterpieces. They built on the genius of his immediate precursors from the world of incormparable, timeless Dutch and Flemish art. 

Its particularly moving element - and at the time novel - were the depiction of unique moods of light. A host of master craftsmen supplied the famous Flemish lights for illuminating the artists’ studios, but also for palaces and wealthy town houses: Flemish chandeliers and wall lights of timeless splendour that still enjoy unbroken popularity.

Splendid interior decoration

The Baroque era more or less invents what is considered as furniture today developing a multitude of new furnishing elements including new types of lamps: Table chandeliers with arms, floor chandeliers, new concepts for ceiling chandeliers.

The Baroque chandelier

Chandeliers received a baluster-like, vase-shaped central shaft, handle-like clasps, in short: the form of the “antique” chandelier still popular today. A characteristic sphere was fitted at the chandelier’s lower end, much lower than the arms. These were formed into typical S-bows, with flower-embellished constrictions and decorative floral elements. 

The lavish ornamentation of these brass art works is particularly noteworthy: leafy vines, blossoms, volutes often crowned with figures, mermaids or double eagles forming rich, complex reflective bodies. Their lighting effect is driven to a radiant climax by these shining and reflecting elements. In Baroque interiors, chandeliers turn into magnificent centre-pieces elevating rooms and their owners alike.

Learning from the best

This is the starting point of ORION’s design: Historical models serve as templates for versatile collections covering all types and styles of luminaires.

Precious materials

ORION Vienna light manufactory takes its cue from the great Baroque craftsmen in Lübeck or Flanders, but also picks up local forms from Austrian Baroque. ORION lights replicating this era mostly have bodies made of solid brass as foundation.

Depending on collection, they are refined with gold, glazing, or hand shading with chandelier crystal hangings in correspondingly high quality. Ovals, coves, almonds, prisms elevate each chandelier from a mundane light fixture to a lighting work of art.


Empress Maria Theresia (1740-1780) brought an era of prosperity, economic development and the onset of imperial grandeur to Austria. So it is unsurprising that the masterpiece of Austrian chandelier craft “Maria Theresia” style is named after her.

It transforms the high French into the wide Viennese chandelier form. Its crystal hangings have hardly changed over the past centuries. Even today, magnificent “Maria Theresia” chandeliers are adorned with typical crystals like prisms, pendulums, ovals and quails, turning it into a sparkling treasure.

Floor lamp MARIA THERESIA, 9-flames, gold
Chandelier MARIA THERESIA, 12+6+3-lamps, gold, with crown
Table lamp MARIA THERESIA, 2-flames, gold

How to - coordinate a Baroque lamp?

Baroque is a style epoch that encompasses all areas of life. Architecture, interior design,
everyday objects, music, literature and fashion all follow
the duality of lively, artistic extravagance
 and consistent formal rigour.

Home ambiance

Baroque chandelier creations fit perfectly into great room heights, stucco decoration on ceiling and walls, with tapestries and flowing fabrics surrounding Baroque furnishing elements. 

  • Flemish chandeliers blend harmoniously into interiors with heavy, resin-scented furniture. Antique wooden chests and tables, velvet curtains, pictures with golden, turned frames, and fireplaces form a stylish setting. 
  • Those who prefer the splendour of sweeping Maria Theresa chandeliers reaching far into the room might be incited to take their cues from more modern home accessories. Its numerous crystal hangings, gilded, glazed arms and decorative clasps allow for trying your hand at cross-over style-solutions. 

    These chandeliers coordinate excellently with bright, fresh décor. Their playfully pompous beauty with its generous crystals hangings can turn this expression of Baroque glory into an ideal style counterpoint to clear, calm, even ascetic forms.   


The classic Flemish chandelier is the highlight of brass craftsmanship. Chandeliers made entirely of the precious material have a characteristic matte gold glow, which is enhanced by floral shaped decorative elements.

Matching colours/furnishing elements: 

  • dark, muted colours such as bordeaux, indigo blue; parquet floors. 
  • warm earth tones such as ochre, burgundy, plus terracotta tiles 
  • bright gold and yellow tones such as arnica yellow; light wood tones


Crystal chandeliers go well with warm and muted colours. But the dazzling light play from the crystals’ prismatic refractions casting light in all rainbow colours on the walls could embolden you to break out into bright, clear, radiant colour worlds. German satirist Wilhelm Busch coined the truthful motto to be applied here: Whatever is popular is also permitted.

The crystal cut allows prismatic refractions, which conjure up the light in all colors of the rainbow on the walls.

Matching colours:

  • cool colours such as crystal-clear polar blue or icy purple
  • modern, light colours: Natural white, blue-white
  • warm tones: nude, taupe, light pink

… and patterns

Special mention should be made of the high art of Baroque patterns with their everlasting elegance despite or maybe even because of their exuberant ornamentation. The interplay of necessary symmetry and unbridled ornamental joy is charming. 

It is easy to pleasurably include such patterns into interior design schemes - be it as scroll stamps or wallpaper in all quality degrees up to brocade or silk tapestries.

A stylish wall light will gain presence against such a truly royal backdrop. Any room turns into a time capsule transporting its occupants into a Baroque cosmos full of design joy and beauty.

Chandelier THERESA, 12-flames, silver
Classic chandelier FLÄMISCH, 18+12+6+3 lamps, satin chrome finish