Art Nouveau from Vienna light manufactory

ORION Vienna light manufactory has been producing exclusive style lights made of high-quality materials such as brass and glass for over 70 years. Decorative curved lines and floral ornaments characterise the Art Nouveau style committed to high-end craftsmanship.

True to the original

ORION's Art Nouveau lights are manufactured in elaborate handcraft.
In appearance, function and material,
they resemble their historical templates.

Attention to detail

Bronze, glass, gilded or patinated mountings, openwork struts,
fluted central shafts flanked by curved shafts and arms.
 Openwork mounting, sculpted acanthus leaf trim, satin-finished glass domes
with olive cut or in flower shape as well as glass rods
- ORION's Art Nouveau lights have a rich wealth of forms and authentic decor.
Special designs are available on request 
- for example to refurbish historic interiors true to style.

Chandelier ADELE, 7-flames, old brass, with glass rods
Chandelier BUDAPEST, 5-flames, bronze, with clear frosted glass
Table lamp BUDAPEST, 1-flame, bronze

Viennese cuisine and coffeehouse culture

The Viennese coffeehouse culture has been a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage since 2011. 
This may come as a surprise to the Viennese, as visiting a coffeehouse is part of everyday life.
Whether “Wiener Melange”, “Einspänner” or “Kapuziner“,
Vienna's traditional coffee houses not only offer many coffee and pastry specialties,
they also create the right ambiance to immerse oneself in reading or  conversation.
The Art Nouveau lamp series from ORION Vienna light manufactory provides an
authentic ambiance.

The style of a time
bringing freedom to art

The name Art Nouveau does not come by chance. Since the begin of all times, the young generation has challenged dated concepts to hail the future by forsaking persistence for renewal. Jugendstil, Vienna Secession style, Art Nouveau turn breathlessly to new ideas, forms, patterns, materials, building methods. Its focus is always on both high artistic as well as craftsmanship standards.
ORION's Vienna light manufactory is committed to this spirit: High-quality materials meet master craftsmanship combined with designs from Fin de Siècle greats - Hoffmann, Olbrich, Loos, Moser, Peche, to name but a few - creating light jewels in the tradition of this bountiful era. 

Art Nouveau as "Gesamtkunstwerk"

Similar to Baroque that responded to Classicism's rigidity with an inexhaustible wealth of forms, Art Nouveau was a protest movement against Historicism's overload and repetitiveness. The result was an impetuous joy of design extending into all areas of life. Painting, architecture, fashion, graphics, stage design, interior design, furniture, everyday objects - everything is art, everything is craft with lines blurring into an all-encompassing arts and crafts culture.

Staging everyday life

The integrated architectural art works by Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos or Josef Hoffmann are famous. Architecture no longer was restricted to buildings' exterior and static design. Interior design was consistently included in the overall composition. From materials to furnishings, wall designs to tableware, everything was included in the design context.

Light as essence of Art Nouveau

In addition to its architectural highlights, the light fixtures from this style era stand out most. The fascination of the then new technology of electric lighting inspired the creation of timeless light masterpieces. Be it imposing chandeliers from Viennese coffee houses or intimate wall lights for grand salons - no other era features light art works that combine originality, elegance, utility and craftsmanship in such a harmonious way.

Every time has its art form

Like all styles, Art Nouveau underwent a multifaceted development with many influences and style formations. International influence is unmistakable - be it from Japanese graphic art as well as French Impressionist currents or the British Arts and Crafts movement. Common ground in all these art movements is the desire of combining aesthetics with quality and functionality.

A universal art concept

While many styles function in a self-contained "bubble"remaining hermetic and impenetrable, the diversity of Art Nouveau forms makes it possible to find a contemporary equivalent for all tastes. Baroque influences are unmistakable in floral decorations and just as undeniable as Biedermeier borrowings in pendant lights. Combining functional lines with an overflowing wealth of ideas in ornamentation leaves room for both functional and electric furnishing styles.

Illuminate your personal world...

The wide range of options and many different accepted life-styles in our modern world have fostered the development of suitable lighting for every need, requirement and taste. You don't have to own a villa to "shine a light": Style comes from inner conviction - and with ORION's Art Nouveau. shine a light

STÄBCHENSERIE offers the everlasting elegance of pendant luminaires uniquely embellished by glass rods. True light jewels such as the table lamp enchant with in its intimate beauty, or multi-flame wall lights fit into every home. In turn, chandeliers of imposing size from this collection make conference halls, hotel lobbies or meeting rooms shine.

Lovers of geometric rigour will be delighted by the squaring of the square in the ART QUATRO collection bringing you the fascination of symmetry in a perfectly shaped way.

ADELE, BUDAPEST and WIENER NOSTALGIE collections, on the other hand, represent the transition from fin de siècle to modernity. They spread the magic that can still be sensed today on entering a Viennese café from the period when their light illuminated some of the great minds of the 20th century. 

Beauty is democratic - in everything and for everyone

Who is not familiar with the exuberant imagination flowing out out of Art Nouveau art works in a never-ending stream of influences?

Fabric patterns, decorative floral elements, richness of colour, radiant gold, geometric beauty, everything is possible and can be recombined. In the spirit of "Gesamtkunstwerk" - the all encompassing work of art - that is always subject to change and thus can never be complete, eternally young Art Nouveau elevates everyday objects surrounding us to a source of continuous inspiration.

Floor lamp WIENER NOSTALGIE, 4 heads, antique brass finish, champagne coloured glasses
Chandelier WIENER NOSTALGIE, 10+5+1 lamps, antique brass finish, upwards, champagne coloured glasses
Table lamp WIENER NOSTALGIE, H62cm, antique brass finish, champagne coloured glass