Chandelier VELA, 16-flames, Antique

  • romantic-modern
  • Light dimmable
  • antique copper green or ivory gold finish
Article number:
LU 1531/16 Antik D140cm(16xE14)Kette2.5m

Product number: 010.1531-04


Chandelier VELA, 16-flames, Antique

The 16-flames chandelier from the VELA series is a contemporary interpretation of classic chandeliers. The flames are arranged in a circle and connected to the shaft in S-shaped arches. The shaft rises and runs back to the flames in fountain-like wrought iron filigree. A 250-centimetre chain is hooked to a ring at the shaft top.. Sixteen E-14 sockets for 40 watts maximum each will unfold their splendour in large rooms, at parties and banquets.

The VELA series also includes the following versions: 12-lamps, 8-lamps, 5-lamps, 3-lamps, floor lamp, wall light, ivory/gold finishes.

Height: 125,0 cm
Total Height: 375,0 cm
Suspension Length: 250,0 cm
Diameter: 140,0 cm
Made in Austria: No
Frame Material: Steel/Iron
Color: Black/Green
Type of Lampholder: E14
Quantity of Lampholders: 16
Maximum Wattage per Lampholder: 40 W
Bulbs Included: No
IP Rating: 20
Protection Class: I
Dimmable: Yes
Net Weight: 46,8 kg

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