Residence Hotel

Donovaly, Slovakia
  • Hotel in Eastern Slovakia in the architectural style of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
  • Fitted with hundreds of models of the ADELE-series
  • Direct delivery out of stock

This project has been realized by using lights from the series "Design by ORION":

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Memories of the old Austro-Hungarian monarchy along the Danube in the guise of a hotel: The Residence Hotel & Club in Donovaly was furnished with special lighting!
 The well-known 4* Hotel Residence Hotel & Club, located in the Tatra, the mountain tourism region in Eastern Slovakia, likes doing things in style. Next to the lobby, the restaurant and bars, the hotel wanted to furnish VIP rooms including baths with chandeliers and lights in the style of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

 Shortly after introducing the series “Design by ORION: ADELE” the ORION branch in Bratislava carried out this large scale project focusing on the new series. Together with the hotel’s architects, many versions of ADELE were fitted into the hotel. The selected version was in Antique brass with full glass rods and opal glass covers. Residence Hotel & Club received a prompt delivery out of stock. Even with large scale projects, ORION is able to supply premium and exclusive lighting immediately (if desired by the contractor).

This project was one of the cornerstones for long-term successful distribution of the “Design by ORION-ADELE”-series. An oversize chandelier from the “MARIA THERESIA”-series also sparkles from the ceiling of the hotel lobby.