Vienna, Austria
  • Historic buildings
  • Dozens of large scale lights from the „Design by ORION“-series „BUDAPEST“ and „WIENER NOSTALGIE“.“
  • Version in polished brass and bronze-plated.

This project has been realized by using lights from the series "Design by ORION":

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For over 100 years now, the „Rathauskeller” in Vienna has literally been the home of good taste. Time-proven heritage needs special handling. When refurbishing the restaurant, the owners relied on tradition and opted for ORION lights.
Back in 1899, the Vienna “Rathauskeller” had its festive opening with a toast to Emperor Franz Joseph I. The location with its many cellar-vaults and gala-halls became known as the “home to good taste” Until today, the “Rathauskeller” combines tradition with taste and ambiance. The main focus is on Vienna cuisine fused with modern trends.

For refurbishing the Vienna “Rathauskeller” the proprietor opted for another Vienna business with a rich tradition: ORION. After a planning phase of several months dealing with the lobby, the vaulted corridors and the Lanner/Lehar-hall the project was carried out. “Design by ORION: BUDAPEST” was installed in the lobby and corridors, while “WIENER NOSTALGIE” in brass finish with opal glass shades was used for the halls. The latter being the ideal combination for the new Lanner/Lehar-hall with its opulent stucco detailing and dainty Baroque painting.

The many large scale lights occupy a prominent position in the Vienna “Rathauskeller”. Until today, the other parts of the restaurant are continuously complemented with lights from the “Design by ORION”-series.