Luxury Private Palais and Residence

Dechantskirchen, Austria
  • All crystal lights in highest crystal quality „Strass® Swarovski® Crystal”
  • Customized model of the “Design by ORION: ORIENTAL”-series with 170cm diameter
  • Installation of hundreds of different crystal lights in luxurious stylish private estate

This project has been realized by using lights from the series "Design by ORION":

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ORION is the partner for lovers of crystal chandeliers. Various models from more than seven different “Design by ORION”-series have been installed in this luxurious residence.
Maybe it has something to do with a certain professional affinity. It is not such a big step from glasses to enhance vision to glass that embellishes living interiors. An optician from Styria’s preference for exclusive and precious crystal lights led him to ORION – the right partner with its tremendous selection of models and ideas in this field.

ORION created many customized solutions based on “Design by ORION”-series – made to measure for every room and requirement. All lights have 24-carat gold-plated finish and are fitted with the highest crystal quality „Strass® Swarovski® Crystal”. Furnishing this villa with dozens of crystal chandeliers and lights was among ORION’s largest projects for a private home. Manufacturing and completion in several phases took over a year. ORION also did the final assembly and installation on location.

Literally the lighting highlight is a customized oversize light from the “Design by ORION: ORIENTAL” series with a diameter of 170cm. It adorns the main stairway of the house. Numerous other, mostly individually adapted versions of further ORION series embellish this private estate in Styria.