Convention Hall „House of International Understanding“

Ufa, Russia
  • Crystal ceiling chandelier 400 cm diameter
  • Building awarded a state prize
  • 36.000 m² building surface

This project has been realized by using lights from the series "Design by ORION":


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ORION is the ideal project partner not only for refurbishing historic buildings, but also for their remodeling and modernization – as with „Dom Druzhbi Narodov“ in Ufa/Russia.
The “House of International Understanding” („Dom Druzhbi Narodov“), is a historic building in Ufa, capital of the Russian autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan. Shortly after the turn of the millennium it was supposed to be remodeled into a convention hall under the auspices of architects Kiokadsu Arai and Rishat Mullagildin.

It has turned into one of the sights of the city of Ufa on the banks of the Belaja river. The building’s façade measures 179 meters and shows historic ornaments from the Republic of Bashkortostan. The largest series of fountains in Bashkortostan can be found in front of it. The remodeling was developed and financed by the Culture Ministry of Bashkortostan. The selection of and workmanship on the lighting for the 36.000 m² building was carried out at one of Orion’s Vienna exhibits together with the architects and representatives from the Culture Ministry. Main light attraction is a 4 m large customized chandelier “Design by ORION: SHERATON” in 24-carat gold-plated with Strass® „Swarovski® Crystal“.

In addition, a large number of models from the „Design by ORION “-series „1510 OBJEKTDESIGN“ in bronze-plated with clear-matte glass shades was installed. Numerous customized lights were created, all based on standard “Design by ORION” models. Cooperating closely with the architects, ORION quickly found the best solutions for this project.