Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of crystal lamps, where elegance, splendour and timeless beauty make these radiant works of art more than just sources of light.

The world of lighting is as diverse as the facets of a sparkling diamond. Crystal lamps and chandeliers occupy a special place in this glittering universe. Their elegance, splendor and timeless beauty captivate people all over the world. Immerse yourself with us in the fascinating world of crystal lighting and discover why these radiant works of art are more than just sources of light.

The history of crystal lamps

Crystal chandeliers have been adorning royal palaces, magnificent castles and elegant ballrooms for centuries. Their origins date back to the 17th century, when ornate chandeliers made of cut crystals became a symbol of wealth and prestige. The master craftsmen of the time created true masterpieces that not only provided light, but also served as impressive status symbols.

The magic of crystals

The secret of crystal lamps lies in the crystals themselves. The carefully cut and polished stones refract the light in a unique way and their prismatic effect creates a breathtaking shine. From sparkling drops to complex, multi-layered arrangements, crystals work their magic by bathing the room in a dazzling sea of light.

Modern styles

While the tradition of crystal lamps continues to be cherished, modern designers and manufacturers have found new ways to interpret this art form. From minimalist designs to avant-garde creations, there is now a crystal lighting artwork to suit every taste and every interior. Crystal lights are no longer reserved for royal palaces - they are also finding their place in contemporary homes and innovative office buildings.

Chandelier as a statement piece

A chandelier is not just a source of light. It is a statement piece that significantly influences the character of a room. Choosing the right chandelier can change the ambience of a room - from opulent and glamorous to modern and simple. An impressive chandelier above a dining table or in the entrance area can transform a room into a real work of art.

Care and maintenance

Regular care is essential to ensure that the splendor of crystal lights and chandeliers is maintained over the long term. Gentle cleaning agents and careful handling of the delicate crystals are crucial. The electrical system should also be checked once a year to ensure that the lighting is working properly.
Our ORION spare parts guarantee and in-house repair service will help you to keep your crystal chandelier shining for a lifetime.


Crystal lamps and chandeliers are far more than just sources of light - they are timeless works of art that combine history, elegance and glamor. Whether in traditional castles or modern homes, these radiant masterpieces fascinate people all over the world and remain a symbol of luxury and style. Immerse yourself in the world of crystal lighting and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of sparkle.
Our ORION design team creates classic and modern crystal chandeliers and lamps that are customizable and handmade in our own manufactory in Vienna. Further information about our Design by ORION series can be found here.