The right cleaning and care for your lamps: how to give them a new shine

In our blog post, you will learn how to clean your lamps and luminaires optimally in order to maintain their beauty and functionality for a long time.

Lamps and chandeliers are not only functional lighting elements, but also important design features in our rooms. To ensure they always shine in the best light and maximise their service life, regular cleaning is crucial. In this blog post, you will learn how to clean your lamps and luminaires properly to preserve their beauty and functionality.

Why is cleaning lamps important?

Cleaning lamps and luminaires regularly has many benefits:

Improved light quality

Dust and dirt on the lamp shades or light bulbs can cloud the light. A clean surface ensures clear and bright lighting.

Longer service life

Dust and deposits can damage electrical components and light bulbs. Thorough cleaning can extend the service life of your lights.


Clean lamps and luminaires contribute to the overall aura of a room and ensure a neat appearance.

Step-by-step guide to cleaning lamps and lights

  1. Safety first: Switch off and unplug the lamp when it is plugged in to minimise the risk of electric shock.
  2. Let it cool down: Allow the lamp to cool down sufficiently before you start cleaning.
  3. Remove the lampshade: If possible, remove the lampshade or glass. This makes cleaning easier and prevents damage.
  4. Remove dust: Use a soft brush or lint-free cloth to remove dust and dirt from the lamp. Make sure to also clean the corners and edges.
  5. Clean the lampshade: If the lampshade is removable, you can do this by carefully cleaning it in warm soapy water and allowing it to dry.
  6. Cleaning the bulbs: Use a dry microfibre cloth to clean the bulbs. If you wish, you can also use a special bulb cleaning spray.
  7. Clean the fitting: Clean the fitting and any metal parts with a suitable cleaning agent. Make sure that no water gets into electrical components.
  8. Reassembly: Replace the lampshade or glass and ensure that all parts are securely fastened.

What do I need to bear in mind when cleaning chandeliers and chandeliers?

Switch off the power supply to the chandelier to avoid accidents.  If possible, remove the chandelier to allow for more thorough cleaning.

Carefully remove the crystals or glass prisms one by one. Immerse them in a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Rinse them carefully and dry them with a lint-free cloth. Make sure the crystals are completely dry before reattaching them to the chandelier.

Cleaning the frame: Clean the chandelier frame with a slightly damp cloth or soft brush to remove dust and dirt. Avoid contact with the electrical parts.

Carefully reattach the crystals or glass prisms to the chandelier. Replace the chandelier and switch on the power supply. Remember to consider the help of a professional cleaning service for chandeliers at great heights or in hard-to-reach places to avoid accidents. Safety is paramount, especially when cleaning lights at great heights.

Cleaning lights: for a home that always shines!

Caring for your lamps and chandeliers may seem like a small task at first, but it has a big impact on the atmosphere and overall impression of your rooms. Proper cleaning and maintenance not only help to extend the life of your lighting, but also ensure that your home always shines in the best light. Don't miss the chance to look after your lamps and chandeliers so that they shine in their full splendour and leave a positive impression. And remember to always be careful when cleaning to avoid damage and ensure your safety. With these simple steps, you can ensure that your lighting always attracts the attention it deserves.
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