Library of Bucharest University

Bucharest, Romania
  • „Design by ORION: BUDAPEST “-series with „Patina“ finish
  • Historic building
  • Oversize lights in 140 to 200 cm diameter

This project has been realized by using lights from the series "Design by ORION":

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Find a historic series in a historic setting: Studying in the reading room of Bucharest University is possible under the mellow shine of lights from the “Design by ORION: BUDAPEST” series.
ORION is the perfect partner for flexible handling in large scale building projects as well as circumspect treatment of historic interiors. ORION Electrics Bucharest, our franchise partner, realized this project: Together they found the ideal fit for the new lighting in the central library of Bucharest University, founded in 1694.

The table-lamp version of “BUDAPEST” is the best solution for the large reading tables. The matte opal glass shades give off the perfect light onto the desktop, without being too glaring. The halls have a tremendous height, so the oversize light from the “Design by ORION: BUDAPEST”-series had to be customized for it to showcase itself and illuminate the hall perfectly.

ORION fulfilled all the architect’s wishes regarding the historic ambiance of the library building. Our own designers adapted the “BUDAPEST”-series, changing its finish from bronze-plated to “Patina”. The slightly darker metal with ORION’s typical finish shading blends into the ensemble perfectly.