Ambient garden lighting: tips for creating an atmospheric ambience outdoors

A well-designed garden lighting does not only increase safety, but also creates an atmospheric ambience outdoors.

Whether romantic evenings on the patio or safe paths through the garden – in this blog post we will give you some advice on how to set the scene in your garden with the right outdoor lighting.

1. Types of lighting: There are different types of garden lighting, including ground lights, spotlights, solar lights and fairy lights. Think about the areas you would like to illuminate and the purpose of the lighting.

2. Light planning: Before you start with the installation, you should draw up a lighting plan. Consider the different areas of your garden, such as paths, patios and plant beds, and plan the lighting accordingly:

  • Entrance area: Bright, functional lighting
  • Patio: Warm, diffuse light for a cozy atmosphere
  • Paths: Uniform lighting for safety
  • Beds and planting areas: Accent lighting to create highlights

3. Types of garden lighting:
  • Path lighting: Illuminate your garden paths with low, evenly distributed luminaires. Bollard lights or in-ground lights are particularly suitable here. Make sure that the light sources do not dazzle.
  • Accent lighting: Set specific accents with spotlights directed at particular plants or decorative elements. This type of lighting creates depth and emphasizes interesting details in your garden.
  • Ambient lighting: Fairy lights, lanterns or indirect lighting create a cozy atmosphere on the patio or in the seating area. Warm white LEDs are a good choice here as they create a pleasant light.
  • Security lighting: Bright and reliable lighting is important for entrance areas and heavily frequented paths. Motion detectors are a practical addition that also saves energy.

4. Energy efficiency
: When selecting luminaires, pay attention to their energy efficiency. LED lights are a good choice due to their low energy consumption and long service life.

5. Light colors: The light color plays an important role in the atmosphere in the garden. Warm white light creates a cozy atmosphere, while cool light creates a more modern atmosphere. Combine different light colors for a varied ambience.

6. Tips for installation:
  • Check the power supply: Make sure there are enough sockets in the outdoor area or plan to lay underground cables.
  • Observe IP protection class: Choose lights with a suitable IP rating to ensure they are weatherproof.
  • Avoid glare: Position light sources so that they do not glare directly into the eyes.
  • Energy efficiency: Use LED technology to save electricity and protect the environment.

The right 
garden lighting combines functionality with aesthetics in order to make the most out of your outdoor area. With a well thought-out planning and the selection of suitable luminaires, you can create an inviting and safe atmosphere in your garden. Use our tips and transform your garden into a radiant oasis of well-being!