LED pendant lamp VENUS, white, 61 cm

  • dimmable with phase cut dimmer and LED dimmer
  • warm white light - 3000 Kelvin
  • ring-shaped pendant lamp
Article number:
HL 6-1703/61 weiß (LED50W/2750lm/3000K)

Product number: 060.1703-01


LED pendant lamp VENUS, white, 61 cm

Pendant lamp VENUS is a modern purist light source in the form of a ring. Due to the simple design, it is suitable for use in many living spaces. Above a dining table, in the living room and bedroom or above the conference table in the office, it illuminates the desired area wonderfully without dazzling, because the illuminant is inside. The stylish, minimalist ring is held by three filigree wire ropes attached to a round base. Equipped with modern LED technology and a light output of 2750 lumens, it emits warm white light to the room and creates a pleasant ambience. If desired, the light can be regulated in brightness with the help of a phase cut dimmer or LED dimmer.

Height: 6,0 cm
Total Height: 150,0 cm
Suspension Length: 144,0 cm
Diameter: 61,0 cm
Height Adjustable: Yes
Made in Austria: Yes
Frame Material: Steel/Iron
Color: White
Shade/Glass Colour: White
Luminous Flux: 2750 lm
Light Temperature: 3000 Kelvin (warm white)
Built in LED: Yes
Wattage LED: 50 W
Energy Efficiency Class LED: G
LEDs changeable: Yes, by technician
IP Rating: 20
Protection Class: II
Dimmable: Yes
Dimmable with typ of dimmer: LED dimmer, Trailing edge dimmer
Net Weight: 2,5 kg

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