Printed circuit board 27a 27W SMD(312 pieces) 1450x5mm tape 3000K 1450Lm

  • Light colour 3000 Kelvin
  • Luminous flux 1450 lumen
  • 27 Watt
  • Length 1450 mm
  • Width 5 mm
Article number:
LED 27a 27W SMD(312pcs)1450x5x1mm Band
Energy efficiency:

Product number: 199.0027-01

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  • Illuminants and spare parts warranty
  • High quality
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Printed circuit board 27a 27W SMD(312 pieces) 1450x5mm tape 3000K 1450Lm

Length: 1450 mm
Width: 5 mm
Height: 1 mm
Dimmable: Yes
Light Temperature: 3000 Kelvin (warm white)
Wattage: 27 W
Number of LEDS: 312
Luminous Flux: 1450 lm
Colour Rendering Index: 90
Mains or non-mains [MS or NMS]: Non Mains
Non-directional or directional [NDL or DL]: non-directional light source
Lumen maintaince factor [0-1]: 0,96
Survival factor [0-1]: 1,00
R9 Colour rendering index [0-100]: 67


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