Driver 12sf LF-GIC013YSII0330H 300mA 27-40V 12W, not dimmable

  • Not dimmable
  • 3000 mA, 27-40 Volt, 12 Watt
  • Ø 100 mm, height 22 mm
  • Length with cable 135 mm
Article number:
Driver 12sf LF-GIC013YSII0330H 300mA 12W

Product number: 290.0012-195

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Driver 12sf LF-GIC013YSII0330H 300mA 27-40V 12W, not dimmable

Height: 22 mm
Diameter: 44 mm
Constant Voltage/Constant Current: 300mA
Dimmable: NO
Dimmable with typ of dimmer: LED dimmer, Trailing edge dimmer
Material: Plastic
Wattage: 12 W
Working Voltage: 27-40 V
Output Current: 300 mA
IP Rating: 20
Protection Class: II
Net Weight: 0,20 kg


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Part of

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