Black it is! Discover timeless elegance with our exclusive collection of black lamps. These not only offer stylish lighting, but also a modern and versatile design option for any room. From pendant lamps to floor lamps and table lamps, our selection in deep black makes a strong statement and adds a sophisticated touch to your home.


Spotlight SEAN, 5-flames, black
Outdoorwall lamp TAVERNA, black gold, round
SEAN spotlight, 4 lamps, black
LED pendant lamp SPHERE, gold matt, with 3 light rings
Spotlight SEAN, 6-lamps, black
BLOSSOM LED pendant lamp, 36-flames, Antique look
LED Pendant lamp MANSION, dimmable, black
Chandelier JOSEPHINE, Ø 73,5cm, Black
GIDEON pendant light with Up- & Downlight, dimmable, black
Chandelier JOSEPHINE, 10-lamps, Ø 73,5cm, Black
LED wall light MARILYN, black, 90 cm
LED wall light MARILYN, black, 60 cm
LED pendant lamp BERLIN, 3 lights, black-gold
LED ceiling lights EMANUEL, white and black
SEAN spotlight, 3 lamps, black
Wall light Bachelor
STARLIGHT ceiling light, black
LED ceiling light BERLIN, 3 lights, black-gold
SEAN spotlight, 2 lamps, black
Outdoor lamp KENZO, Black copper, 120cm
Ceiling chandelier JOSEPHINE, Ø73,5cm, Black
Wall light JOSEPHINE, Ø 18cm, black
Ceiling light SNOWWHITE, 6-lamps, black brass
Outdoor lamp KENZO, Black copper, H260cm