Chandelier STÄBCHENSERIE, 7-flames, Bronze

  • ideal for public and private premises
  • glass rods
  • Made in Austria
Article number:
LU 1524/6+1 bronze

Product number: 010.1524-03


Chandelier STÄBCHENSERIE, 7-flames, Bronze

STÄBCHENSERIE combines an elegant interpretation of Art Bouveau with a touch of Baroque splendour. The 7-flames chandelier from this series is therefore equally suited for modern as well as for period interiors. The outer flames' cup-shaped shades are connected to the main body via arches reminiscent of Flemish chandeliers S-arches. They are flanked by spiral-shaped decorative tendrils - also Baroque quotations. The lamp arrangement tapering towards the bottom, provides evenly diffused, warm light. The glass rods combined with the golden reflecting bronze finish create a radiant luminous body. The light is fitted with six E14 sockets with 40 watts maximum each and four E27 sockets with 60 watts maximum each.

The chandelier is also available in a Patina finish.

Height: 73,0 cm
Diameter: 65,0 cm
Made in Austria: Yes
Frame Material: Solid Brass
Shade Material: Glass
Color: Bronze
Type of Lampholder: E14
Quantity of Lampholders: 6
Maximum Wattage per Lampholder: 40 W
Bulbs Included: No
Type of Lampholder 2: E27
Quantity of Lampholder 2: 4
Light Bulb 2 included: No
Maximum Wattage per Lampholder 2: 60 W
IP Rating: 20
Protection Class: I
Dimmable: Yes
Net Weight: 14,0 kg

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Fitting light bulbs

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